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Life is Beautiful, but…

Show some love

The gift of life. Oh what a beautiful gift we have .Such a wondrous world, perfect just perfect for us. What a life. What world. Awe-inspiring, simple pleasures. The gift, this gift that the Creator has given us. Life is beautiful. So beautiful our minds can’t comprehend a better existence elsewhere. Pleasures abound. Simple pleasures that thrill our senses. A bird singing. Cascading waterfalls. Beautiful blue skies. Radiant sunset. Isn’t life beautiful? Isn’t life magical? Better than Disneyland. If this isn’t paradise, I don’t know what is. This world is a gift from God. Our father whom we seek in different ways. Our friend who makes all things beautiful in His time. What a marvelous father we have. He delights us with simple pleasures.

Life is good.

Life is so good. Life is so wondrous. Life is so pleasant. I shudder at the thought of spending just 80 years here. The company of our friends on a beautiful sunlit evening with stars shining overhead along with delightful laughter and delectable meals is pleasant enough to make us feel a tinge of regret at leaving our friends. I know God being a loving father feels that too whenever anyone of us leaves friends and family behind to answer the upward call.
Life is beautiful. It’s unbelievably wonderful. I know this. I know this to be true. When I look at the world around me, I see God’s love to us in 3D. I hear music in the stars. Riveting music composed by the Creator performed by creatures. Better than Mozart or Beethoven. Everyday is a gift. A gift that shows how much God loves us no matter what we look like or have done. We are different. Yet to God, we are not different. We are one. One family in the compound of a great Father. Our perceived differences is God simply checking out how tolerant we can be of others. And we have failed – failed that test miserably. How can a family enslave and oppress its own members? How dare we label some as black or white? Aren’t we one family in God? Aren’t we supposed to help each other up; to alleviate the suffering of the poor, sick and weak? Aren’t we supposed to put a smile on the faces of our brothers? Aren’t we supposed to share the joy and laughter we have with others? Aren’t we here for each other? Aren’t we here to wipe each other’s tears?
As I write, this very second, there is someone out there not far from you and I in need of a kind word, food, a wad of cash, a smile or a listening ear. There are those in hospitals those who have no families to take care of them. There is someone in the throes of pain, somewhere not too far from us, someone will put an end to his life, someone’s heart just got broken. A student out there just failed his papers; a family just got thrown out on the streets. Out there close to you and me, someone needs a call, a ping, a text. Someone’s dream hangs in the balance.
Life is beautiful. And this beauty is not for us alone. “Non Sibi Sed Aliis”- Not for us, but for others – was my high school motto. And that should be our motto too. This beautiful life is not for us alone. It’s for others too. The love God has for us constrains us to live not only for ourselves. We shouldn’t be selfish. What’s the use of having billions when someone near to you will go to sleep hungry? And the madness of it is that everyday at least 1 BILLION PEOPLE GO TO SLEEP HUNGRY. That’s right. 1 BILLION! And this is a world where billionaires, millionaires and thousandnaires abound.
Different strokes for different folks you say, but we aren’t different at all. Our physique, our makeup and the challenges we face are the same. Look around you, what differences do you see? None.
Life is good. Life is beautiful. Life is magical. We are all just one in God’s playground. We ought to love each other as we love ourselves. Love your neighbor as yourself is the golden rule. Let’s stop seeing differences. Let’s see sameness. Let’s lighten each other’s burden. We are here for each other. Let’s take each other by the hand and help each other over the cliffs and valleys of life. Show some love.

Do Something!

By Guest Writer,
Hammed Roman Ajiboye
@romanaroman on Twitter

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