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Are You Bold Enough? #Shiloh

The Spirit of BOLDNESS! by Bishop David Oyedepo.

Satan can not gain access to any man’s life until he has held him bound with the spirit of fear.
The antidote to the Spirt of Fear is the Spirit of Boldness.

You cannot possess your possession without the Spirit of Boldness. You cannot practice boldness until you are empowered.

It takes boldness to conquer and subdue in life.All the devastations in the life of Job was by the affliction of the Spirit of fear.

When you cast away a Spirit you must put in another, otherwise it will be vacant for reoccupation.

Your conquest is a function of your boldness.

Eventhough you belong to the tribe of th

e Lion of Judah, you need to be empowered for the Lion in you to stay alive.

You cannot practice boldness. You have to be anointed with the Spirit of Boldness.

There are things that belongs to you but because the boldness to declare it is not there, it never comes.

Until faith is declared it is fake.

It is impossible to possess all your possessions without boldness because there are giants in the promise land of every man.

Spiritual violence is called boldness. Matt. 11:12

“If Jesus took the disease then it can never be there.”

What you are not able to declare, God is not permitted to deliver

Accidents don’t kill people but it is what they say at that instance that kills them.
The fear of the Unknown kills people and makes destinies grounded.

There is a Goliath between you and your throne, it takes the Sprit of Boldness to get the Crown.

You cannot overcome darkness without light therefore you cannot overcome the Spirit of Fear without the Spirit of Boldness.

Phil. 1:28: “And in nothing terrified of your adversaries.”

You cannot have the Sprit without desperation for it. It is not just opening your mouth it is opening it wide.

Your triumph demands the operation of the Spirit of Boldness or you will remain trapped.

It is not just saying it, but saying it loudly in public places.

It is not everything you say that comes to pass but what you say without doubt.

You will be boasting in the Lord by the empowerment of the Spirit of Boldness. Psalm 34:2

It is what you say that God confirms before you can see it.

Thye Sprit of Boldness makes you declare the unbearable, speak the unspeakable, thus doing the impossible.

From today the devil will know a new you has emerged!

After the fall of man, the first manifestation was fear. Fear is in the nature of the natural man.

If you are not born again, there is no way you can be free from free. Fear is the bait the devil uses to torment mankind.

If you want to be saved or you want to rededicate your life to Him please say this prayer.

SALVATION PRAYER: I come to you Jesus, am a sinner, but I know you died for me & rose again. Forgive me, be my Lord & Saviour. In Jesus name.

Why Do We Clap Our Hands:

1. God shall subdue the people under us.
2. He shall choose our inheritance for us.

Matt.25:9- There is nothing you need that is not available, it is just knowing where to get it.

The Spirit of Boldness empowers you to pray effectually.

“Whatever a man sows he will reap,” if he sows nothing he will reap nothing.

God is changing your story somewhere!

If you believe so, keep believing so, keep declaring so, keep acting so!

Receive the Spirit of Boldness today, in Jesus Name! Amen!

God bless you for reading!


Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • Pst. Timothy A. Oloyede

    A righteous man is as bold as a Lion. When lack the Holy Spirit in you, fear comes in. One need to be a child of God to have the spirit of Boldness.

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