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SHILOH 2012 DAY 1 : Unveiling the Blessedness of Transference of Spirit.

Unveiling the Blessedness of Transference of Spirit. 


Here is the summary of the message by Bishop David Oyedepo.

-Nobody encounters God without a thirst

-Differnce between EMPOWERMENT and TRANSFERENCE of spirit
– Empowerment is the impartation of gift, while transference of spirit is the replication of spiritual status of another.
-Channels of transference of spirit
1.God’s own initiative2.The craving of man
3.The words of the carrier (spoken and written)
4.Through prophetic promptings

Double portion of what?
The spirits of faith,love,boldness,revelation,wisdom,power,guidance,joy&praise, servanthood,supplication,prosperity/the giving spirit,meekness

The Spirit of guidance
You live in a a desert as in a garden when God is leading you. Isaiah 48:21
When God leads you:
1. He goes before you
2. He goes with you
3.He empowers you to accomplish your mission
4.He works thru you
5. He works with you
6. He protects you
7. He works for you.

Every child of God has a natural heritage to hear the voice of God.
Sonship is the cheapest access to transference of spirit.
Biblical proof of genuine sonship is genuine honor. Malachi 1:6

Be blessed! It’s double double allllllllll the way!

Thanks to Ajiri Kadae Phimia.

Ike Amadi

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  • pastor dave bula

    may god who release his transfarence unleash the power this generation need to break the wall of demonic opposition against the progress of all believers around the globe…i was personally bless by dr. david oyedepo.

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