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In Pursuit Of Purpose.

I always knew that purpose has everything good as benefits.

I also always knew that purpose simply means what you were born to do. Exactly! It sounds very simple.

The question is, If purpose was that simple why is it that many persons do not discover their purpose and are leading unhappy lives?

Well, recently while preparing to speak at a youth event, the Lord laid it strongly in my heart that Nehemiah was a man of purpose. And so we dealt and dwelt on purpose for the most part of the morning.

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Are You Thirsty?

A wonderful message by Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, Provision for the thirsty. Mt 5:6. I was really blessed and said to share. Study and be blessed!Christ teaches us so that we can: • Be Transformed Romans 12:2 • Go and tell.…

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Life is Beautiful, but…

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The gift of life. Oh what a beautiful gift we have .Such a wondrous world, perfect just perfect for us. What a life. What world. Awe-inspiring, simple pleasures. The gift, this gift that the Creator has given us. Life is beautiful. So beautiful our minds can’t comprehend a better existence elsewhere. Pleasures abound. Simple pleasures that thrill our senses. A bird singing. Cascading waterfalls. Beautiful blue skies. Radiant sunset. Isn’t life beautiful? Isn’t life magical? Better than Disneyland. If this isn’t paradise, I don’t know what is. This world is a gift from God. Our father whom we seek in different ways. Our friend who makes all things beautiful in His time. What a marvelous father we have. He delights us with simple pleasures.

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