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Are You Thirsty?

A wonderful message by Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, Provision for the thirsty. Mt 5:6. I was really blessed and said to share. Study and be blessed!Christ teaches us so that we can: • Be Transformed Romans 12:2 • Go and tell.…

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For The ‘Do Something!’ Book.

While we are still working on the next book(s) the Lord will write through us, I felt that it might be good to share some praise for the ‘Do Something!’ book.

I liked your style of writing. The book was written with very simple language. I think you should continue writing because you have a very good way of expressing your emotions and ideas to the reader.

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Greatness, the drop.

“There’s a drop of greatness in every man.”

There’s an illusion out there: a crippling debilitating limiting illusion; an illusion borne out of good intentions, but an illusion nonetheless. This illusion is responsible for the fatalistic self-defeating ordinary lives that people lead today.

The illusion asserts that greatness is for a select few. That only the best of us, those who boast an IQ of 130 and above, have mountains for chests and have blue blood flowing in their veins can dare to dream of greatness while the rest of us can only marvel and gaze in astonishment at the exploits of the Nephilims – giants – around us.

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There comes a Time.

Students for Christ (SFC) Tuesday mid-week meeting is usually one that is life-changing and refreshing. It is a useful mid-week service.

Attending it regularly, though, takes discipline. Sometimes one is so encumbered with tasks from school that it takes a special resolve to make it to the meeting. I call it meeting, instead of fellowship. I wonder who taught me that bad habit!

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