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Get Up and Go! 


And so I arrived Istanbul for the 7-hour layover. What was I going to be doing for 7 hours?!
One way to avoid boredom is to do the obvious: get on the Internet. But that’s too easy, especially not when one is in Istanbul. Anyways, that wasn’t to be an easy option as the airport didn’t have free WiFi!

So, there was this Nigerian couple who were on their way to Nigeria. Once I got on board the plane, I observed them speaking their local language – and greeted them, owning up that I was Nigerian as well. We exchanged the necessary pleasantries aboard the Turkish Airlines plane and settled in for the 11-hour flight. Interestingly, I thought it was a 5-hour flight!

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Never Say….

January 2.

It’s day 2 already and by now your vision should already be clearly written down, and you are mapping out plans on how you will work to ensure the vision comes to reality .

Tomorrow, we’ll look at Mind Mapping. You can search the internet to understand a little of what it entails.

My advice?

Wait for tomorrow, when I’ll practically show you what really it means, and how you can implement it in your planning process.

To round up our series on Mastering The Potentials of The Tongue, we’ll look at what I call the Never Say’s.


Never say, ‘I cannot,’ because you can!
Never say, ‘I am not able,’ because you are well able!
Never say, ‘I am defeated,’ because you cannot be defeated anymore!

The spirit of the conqueror has been passed on to you, and you’re going to see victory all the days of 2014.

When you are always talking negative, you are weakening the tongue, which in turn weakens your life.

When however you speak positive, and you speak in God’s name and with the understanding of God’s power, you’re strengthening the tongue for exploits.

Ezekiel 12:25, for I am the Lord I will speak and the words that I speak shall come to pass.

All the promises you’ve been making will come to pass in Jesus name.

Every morning, declare the promises of God, for it shall come to pass in Jesus name. It shall no more be prolonged anymore.

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Fear Not, The Value is in You.

I had chatted with a former school mate who is currently in Nigeria, asking him how he was doing. He replied that he was fine. He went ahead to ask when I was coming into Nigeria, I told him, and the real conversation started.

He needed my help with purchasing some things from Russia. I truly wasn’t ready to go out of my already tight schedule and traffic-congested way to ensure those purchases were made; but because of the services I knew I would certainly be needing him to render me when in Nigeria, I gave it a second thought.

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For The ‘Do Something!’ Book.

While we are still working on the next book(s) the Lord will write through us, I felt that it might be good to share some praise for the ‘Do Something!’ book.

I liked your style of writing. The book was written with very simple language. I think you should continue writing because you have a very good way of expressing your emotions and ideas to the reader.

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