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#65me: Please Save Me!

#65me has been a very rewarding experience, more so seeing that there are many of us who have been reading the Word of God together and encouraging one another. I want to say, don't stop. I'm reading, and the Lord…

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Life is Beautiful, but…

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The gift of life. Oh what a beautiful gift we have .Such a wondrous world, perfect just perfect for us. What a life. What world. Awe-inspiring, simple pleasures. The gift, this gift that the Creator has given us. Life is beautiful. So beautiful our minds can’t comprehend a better existence elsewhere. Pleasures abound. Simple pleasures that thrill our senses. A bird singing. Cascading waterfalls. Beautiful blue skies. Radiant sunset. Isn’t life beautiful? Isn’t life magical? Better than Disneyland. If this isn’t paradise, I don’t know what is. This world is a gift from God. Our father whom we seek in different ways. Our friend who makes all things beautiful in His time. What a marvelous father we have. He delights us with simple pleasures.

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Hard Loving

Just the other day, during my devotion I came across this passage of the Bible I found it really challenging. "Ye have heard that it has been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. But I say…

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The Conversation

(This conversation ensued between two lovers after a church service.) Young Lady: What's the plan? Young Man: We go to my place, we cook something fresh, we eat, you go home early and prepare for Monday's work. At His Place:…

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I Will Wait For You!

“I will wait for you!” Those were the sweetest words I had heard in my life. It sounded better than my favorite song. Immediately, I started smiling. He just knew how to make me smile. He knew the right words…

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