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Johny Lingo

Veronique my friend asked me if I had read the story of Johny Lino. Johny Lingo? No, I answered. And then she shared the piece with me. Enjoy.

The Eight Cow Wife

I first learned of Johnny Lingo when I was visiting an island for my work as a reporter. It seems Johnny Lingo had quite the reputation. Everyone I spoke to knew Johnny and spoke highly of him. If I needed anything, they told me to go find Johnny. If I needed a place to stay, Johnny could put me up since he had built a 5-bedroom house (an unheard of luxury). If I wanted fresh vegetables, his garden was the greenest. If I wanted to fish he could show me where the biting was best. If pearls is what I sought, his middlemanship could bring me the best deals.

“Get Johnny Lingo to help you find what you want and let him to the bargaining,” said the islander. “He’ll earn his commission four times over. Johnny knows values and how to make a deal.”

His son playing nearby, who heard what he said, started shrieking with laughter. “Hush,” said the father.

“Johnny Lingo is the sharpest trader in this part of the Pacific.” The boy almost choked and rolled off the steps of the porch.

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