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Head in Hands

Life’s so full of disappointments. Every day, we live to face various forms of disappointments. It always seems like we never really get what we want out of life. But can we really improve our lives? Could we ever “live the dream”, as it were, right here on earth? Well, I do believe it is possible. Anyone can. You can have that life you’ve always wanted.

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#65me Reflections from John chapter 8

I really enjoyed Christ’s discourse with the Pharisees in John chapter 8. It is really amazing to see the real interest Jesus had in these people. He seemed so engaged in the discussion and tried to explain the Gospel to them in details. But sadly, these people had their hearts severely calloused that they couldn’t perceive the truth in any of His sayings.

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My 12 O’clock!

12 noon means so many different things to different people. To the workers in the administrative section of my university, it means 'Time for Break.' And no matter the amount of money you are bringing to the school at that…

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