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Do Something! by Ike Amadi

Do you know exactly what you want? Or are you going to settle for anything life presents you?

There is so much theory out there but Do Something! has one purpose – to instill the ‘Do Something!’ consciousness in you; to help you convert the theory you know into practice.

This book will inspire you to make an effort to become a better person than you are and will give you the energy and motivation you need to go through life smiling.

‘Do Something!’ is meant to excite your mind, enliven your bones and light up an unending fire in your heart towards pursuing whatever thing you have dreamt about or left undone. At least that is what the book did for me when it was being written and still do when read.

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This book will open your eyes to certain areas in your life that you have been nonchalant about and remind you that indolence is costly.

Do Something! will keep you inspired and will act as a gingered map that ensures that you keep moving forward in your daily endeavors. It will help bring out the giant in you!

If you are on the verge of giving up or you need a boost for life – Do Something! is the very book you need to read.

Find it, Read it and ultimately – Do Something! Ike Amadi, Moscow, Russia.

Readers Comments

– “I liked your style of writing. The book was written with very simple language. I think you should continue writing because you have a very good way of expressing your emotions and ideas to the reader. I enjoyed every minute of reading the book. And I have recommended it…to my friends.” – Tanya, Moscow.

“I remember the last time a book really pushed me out of my comfort zone was wen I read, “Living Above the Level of Mediocrity”…until today wen I actually finished your book. And once again am so challenged… it got me thinking and I started to analyze so many areas of my life(spiritual, emotional, physical, health, financially, intellectually). I am so glad . And that has to be the best 200 Roubles that I have invested wisely..I will never regret it. It is a book I will keep reading n reading because we never finish doing the things we are meant to do…and I will definitely pass it on to my children…” – Gilberts, Winnie. Russia