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The Dream

Back in uni, I would always call my friends together and gist about the future. Most of my dreams have come true, but there is one that is still in the works. It will also come to pass.‬

‪Part of the dream I shared is that I’d send private jets to pick up my friends from wherever they were in the world in order to come for a 3-day break, well retreat, in my mansion.‬

‪These retreats will hold every two years. Each friend would have a suite for only them and their family and that room will remain locked after their visit until their return. It is for them; it’ll have their name on the door, Mr. & Mrs. Okhiria, for example. Amazing.‬

‪Those who are musicians would sing and play on the large keyboard that is in the theatre. Those who love to share the Word would have the oratory to tell us about God’s love for us.‬

‪It will be so amazing that the kids would always disturb their mums,

‘When are we going to Uncle Ike’s mansion?’‬

‪’Soon, dear, soon,’ mummy will always answer.‬

‪Yep. That’s the very dream.‬

‪But, whilst it’s taking shape, I have the LA Family to kickstart my vision.

Let us show one another that same love. Let us be closely knitted one to another that all will say, ‘Of a truth they have one Father.’‬

‪Jesus prayed, ‘I pray that they all become one.’‬

‪The LA family is one.‬

One songwriter wrote,

‪I don’t care which church you belong to,
But as long as in Jesus you trust
If by grace through faith you have been saved
You are my brother, so give me your hand.‬
You are my sister, so give me your hand.‬

‪Will you give me your hand of fellowship?‬

‪Ike Amadi.


‪For @thelafamily.‬

‪P.s. LA family is a family who Learns and Applies the word of God EVERYDAY. Join us! We are currently reading the book of Kings. 1 & 2 Kings.

LA Family Courtesy: @RodneyAVO

LA Family Courtesy: @RodneyAVO

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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