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Thank you for taking interest in working for God via #LA family.
The family is growing and thus it has become necessary to carry every one along.
We need more active hands for these roles.
Sounds official? No. But you’ll just help oversee a small family unit of 7 persons only. You’ll need to follow up on them to see that they are following the program. The ride is a long one, and you, the driver, must not fall asleep.

You’ll basically tag them to your #LA130 tweets so that they know someone is reading and are also encouraged to read, learn, and apply.

More details when you volunteer.

To volunteer for this role, please DM @thelafamily:

‘Volunteer. TL.
And we’ll take it up from there : )

2. Prayer Secretary.
Haha! PS? Yes. We just wanted an official name, but it is truly a fun role, and will encourage you to pray according to the word of God.
Your role will basically be to eke out 5 prayer points from the day’s reading, that the family will pray together. This is to teach us to pray according to the word of God, which is the will of God. 1 Jn. 5:14.
For e.g the prayer points for Day 5. Matt. 9-10 could be:
1. I praise you Lord for you have the power to forgive sins and heal diseases.
2. Help me Lord, to be obedient and always follow your lead.
3.Deliver me from a judgmental spirit and give me the wisdom to answer my accusers.
4. Cleanse me inside out, prepare me for noble works.
5. I receive faith for my wholeness.
6. May my life and ministry be charaterised with signs and wonders following.
7. O Lord of the harvest, send labourers for this end-time harvest.

Very fun, if you ask me.

To volunteer for this role, kindly DM @thelafamily, ‘Volunteer. PS.

More details and questions will be answered via DM or Email.

God bless, and thank you for availing yourself to help more persons know God’s word more.


P.s if we are not following you, and you need to DM, kindly tweet at us and we’ll follow back.