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Youth Alive: You Need A Coach To Stay A Star.


MINISTERING: Bishop David Oyedepo

TOPIC: Partaking Of The Grace That Makes Great.

TEXT: 1st Corinthians 15:10



In the field of sports, no star ever emerges without a Coach; he/she remains a star by reason of the Coach.

No one becomes a reverence without a reference. Everyone who must emerge a star must recognize the need for a Coach, unless he/she will suffer reproach.

When you end up self-made, you will be self-destroyed.


Grace flows from one vessel to the other; it is transferable from one carrier to another.

: Philippians 1: 7

Every giant is born of a giant.

You cannot partake of the grace of anyone, except you are a follower.

NOTE: Joshua was an addicted follower of Moses.

: Numbers 11:28; 27:15-18

The harder you follow, the greater the flow of the grace upon the carrier to you.

: Psalm 63:8

NOTE: We do not essentially follow the person, but we follow the faith of the person.

: Hebrews 13:7

You must follow by doing what they do, or doing what they did in the past.

NOTE: Stop looking for the errors; follow the faith of the person.

: Hebrews 6:12

Live up to qualitative followership of those who carry the grace you desire.

NOTE: You can’t be following without knowing; it is no guesswork.

: 1st Corinthians 11:1

: Luke 18:29

: Mark 10:29

: Matthew 19:27

You need a Coach to remain a star; when you stop having a Coach you start losing your star.

NOTE: It is not the skill or strength of a man/woman that makes him/her great; it is the Grace of God upon his/her life.

: Ecclesiastes 9:11

: Romans 9:16

: Proverbs 18:16

: Romans 1:11


The Four Classes of People In Every Congregation

: Luke 8:11-15

  1. By the way side people: Passers-by.
  2. The Members: The ones who fall on the rock.

NOTE: There is no future for those not connected to the root.

  1. Those that come to learn: They fall among the thorns.
  2. Those with good and honest hearts: They command proofs.

: Matthew 4:19

: Hosea 6:3

Every genuine follower will end up made. Until man is truly grafted into followership, he cannot partake of the root and grace.

: Romans 11:17-18

NOTE: Olive tree means “anointed tree”.

It is not only about coveting the gifts; it is about following the faith. There is indeed no great name without a great root.


Every great destiny is a product of divine connectivity. Stars emerge by locating their coach and subjecting themselves to coaching.

NOTE: Follow the steps of diligence to emerge a star.

: Proverbs 22:29

What you see in the open is by investment of the manifestation behind the scene.

Grace is being empowered to do your part, not leaving it for God to do.

Every star works on themselves and their jobs; addicted labourers. They exercise themselves excessively in order to excel.

NOTE: If you do not labour, you will waste the Grace.

“There is nothing extraordinary on its own; it is man’s extraordinary inputs that make it so.”

-Bishop David Oyedepo

NOTE: For you to walk in a giant’s steps you must be jumping not walking; every step of a giant is a long jump.

“Those who fake it never make it; it is those who face it that make it.”

-Bishop David Oyedepo


Every time you desire the grace upon a person, go after it.

: 1st Corinthians 15:10

The Bible is the license of Stars; study the bible.

: Joshua 1:8


By Guest Writer,
Blessing Okoro
@bibi_yhu2 on Twitter.




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