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‘text’ => “Matthew 1 – 2”);
$content[strtotime(’02-10-2013′)] = array(
‘day’ => 2,
‘text’ => “Matthew 3 – 4”);
$content[strtotime(’03-10-2013′)] = array(
‘day’ => 3,
‘text’ => “Matthew 5 – 6”);


$content[strtotime(’16-09-2013′)] = array(
‘day’ => 50,
‘text’ => “Romans 5 – 6”);
$content[strtotime(’15-09-2013′)] = array(
‘day’ => 51,
‘text’ => “Romans 7 – 9”);

//output based on a day
//get date today
$date = date(‘d-m-Y’);

if (isset($content[strtotime($date)])) {
//content found for today
echo ‘

echo ‘Day ‘. $content[strtotime($date)][‘day’];
echo ‘ – ‘;
echo $content[strtotime($date)][‘text’];
echo ‘

else {
//content not found for today. decide what to do
echo ‘

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//things to consider
//1. you might still want a kinda list that holds all the days till the current date. this should be in another page though. i will leave you to try figure that out
//2. what happens when users access this page after all days run out?

I hate to make progress alone. I guess this is the main reason why I write. I have recently demurred at being referred to as a writer. Why? I think it is because I believe writing is a tool to express the many wonderful ideas God has given you. It is a way to transfer inspiration; nothing more, nothing less.

In the same way, God in an effort to transfer inspiration from His awesome mind to ours, decided to inspire men to write what is now referred to as the BIBLE.

2013 is, for now, pretty much unknown to us. What do we expect in 2013? We expect good things I know. We all do. And what better way to be productive in 2013 than to have the Word that gives inspiration dwelling in you?

Starting January 1st, 2013 we intend to prayerfully read through the New Testament. Yes, so much inspiration and strength to obtain from the word! We will be doing so under the hashtag #65me.

Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth…Then you will be prosperous and successful. (Joshua 1:8)

So what is the #65me about?
65 – simply about prayerfully reading the New Testament in 65 days! 4 chapters a day!
me– God will speak to me through his Word.

What do I gain?
Apart from benefiting greatly from the fresh Word of God, finishing the NT early in the year will give you the motivation you need to complete other projects you set out to do.

I encourage you to seriously consider joining in. Takes 15 minutes only, every day!

Because, it is more fun when we do it together, please tell someone!

Click Here to see the program we will be using.

God bless you!

@ikeamadi on Twitter.