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“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” – 1 Corinthians 4:18

Most times, we easily believe things we see and find it hard to believe what is not seen. Well, that is not bad because if we look at some circumstances, it is good to believe only in the things seen sometimes.

Take for example: Someone comes to you with a business proposal and doesn’t give you valuable information about the business i.e- the purpose, documents and certified legislation from the government proving it is a legal, you will find it hard to believe such business is legal neither will you find it wise to invest in such a non-guaranteed business so you wisely choose to turn down such proposal or lets take a look at yet another example where you definitely want to buy a product from a retailer but then the retailer only talks about the product but doesn’t present the product to you, you are definitely not going to pay for the product because you haven’t seen it yet neither will you totally believe the product exist so you will prefer to wait till whenever the product will be ready before you buy it or seek for the product from another retailer.

Now Calm down, Keep reading! We all want something we can see, touch and feel before we believe but ITS NOT MEANT TO BE LIKE THAT AT ALL TIMES.

Our Faith shouldn’t be temporary. It should be as constant as a Flowing ocean. Our Faith shouldn’t stop when we are faced by a storm or a city filled with giants. It shouldn’t stop even when our foots are too weak because only our Faith can keep us in Motion. Our Faith shouldn’t be only stable when everything is alright in our lives – when we have no issues or mountains. 

The Faith we have should be stable when unexplainable, incomprehensible issues occur in our Lives; when we don’t even know what is going on when we are facing those hard moments and we feel God is absent! In all those moments, we should keep holding on to our Faith because these are the moments we are being tested; these are the moments our Faith will be strengthened; these are the moments our Faith will come out Pure Gold.

Most times we love God and serve him with all our hearts because all is well so it is easy to remain faithful to Him but what happens when the problems creep in; when we are tested like Job, when the economy is bad, when you just lose your job, when you just failed that important exam; when you didn’t get admitted into that university again this year; when you just lost a loved one/close one? What Happens? Do you give Him a condition to either help you or you leave him and stop serving Him? Do you withdraw from Church, Christian friends and your Bible because he is not answering you or do you keep staying faithful to Him like Job who never lost His integrity for God even in times of Plight? 

I respect and love Job because although the adversity was so painful for Him to bear and he wept sometimes but he still remained strong in the lord. He remained strong in the Lord although the storm seemed to rage over Him. 

Dear Friend, GOD IS PRESENT EVEN IN YOUR TIMES OF MISERY. He is with you Son/Daughter of God. Like He was with the People of Israel at River Nile and also went before them. He is with you each day and He goes before you to plan everything right. 

Joseph was thrown in the well, sold as a slave, became imprisoned before he finally became a Governor but in every moment He found Himself, he still remained steadfast to God. When Pharaoh’s wife tried to seduce Him, he refused her and ran away from her because He remembered God and had fear for Him! Although his faithfulness cost him more problems, he still remained faithful to God and was obedient to God’s will. He never abandoned God and God was with Him.

YOUR PROBLEMS CAN TAKE YOU TOA GREATER HEIGHT WITH GOD AND INTO A GREATER PLACE OF GLORY BUT IT DEPENDS ON HOW YOU DEAL WITH IT. Job became even more blessed after the phase of His trials because He remained faithful to God. Joseph became a Governor of a Land he was not a citizen of; a land where he was once enslaved in because He chose to stick with God during His hard times. These people never abandoned God and kept on believing in God who was UNSEEN and believed in their blessings YET TO COME WHICH WAS ALSO UNSEEN.

I urge you brothers and sisters, LET US NOT STOP NOW. There are still more journeys to travel with God. This moment  is only an Adventure and it will soon be over because NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT so keep holding on tightly to your Faith because it is the key to Eternal Life. Your trust in God is the Key to a Purposeful Life here on Earth so keep standing strong and KEEP BELIEVING IN THE THINGS UNSEEN! 

God loves you and He is always with you.tumblr_lxkrj9qXc21r2hfbfo1_500

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Bola John

Dr. Bola John is a medical doctor, and writes to encourage young men and women to lead a victorious spiritual life.


    Its rilly inspiring..I took my time to read every bit of this write up..and I’ve discoverd basically, d secret of overcoming challenges in in the unseen God however, can make a difference..may God bless you for this.

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