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God’s Light Shines Even In The Darkest Places!

The world we live in has a faulty system.

A man drinks to stupor even though this brings him disgrace, shame and makes him irresponsible. A man(woman) smokes/ uses drugs even when he(she) knows that he has a serious heath issue; that this is not good for him/ her and may develop a drastic health issue. A girl( Lady) listens to the Lies of her boyfriend even though she knows he is lying but decides to give Him a second chance because she believes if she leaves him, she will never be accepted and Loved by someone else. A man compromises His faith and gives in to have sex because a hot and sexy Lady gave Him some attention and He thinks if he does not respond quickly to her, he may lose this opportunity so he decides to do it once and never go back down that lane but ever since he got on the lane, he kept going down! A woman keeps aborting even though she is married because she believes the both of them( i.e her and her husband) have not yet financially established herself so she takes it upon herself to abort the Child. A lady who knows the right thing to do and refuses to do it, keeps aborting babies because she wants to satisfy her lustful desires instead of SAYING NO TO PREMARITAL SEX AND QUIT KILLING! A man who is meant to be the Head of the Family and lead the Home Spiritually lives a double Life in Church and at home and workplace. The man acts for the Pastors and Christian brothers but beat his wife mercilessly at home and cheats in the Office. A student who is also a youth for Christ on Sundays has a different personality on every other day!


When I see these things| hear about these things, they sadden my heart. Sometimes I wonder how much more these things hurts God. We cannot say we are not of this world if we keep living like the World. Nowadays, choices made are not made because they are according to God’s law but because they suit your flesh. If you have never realized God’s laws are not so high that you cannot obey them. Jesus said in Matthew 11:30 that “The teaching that I ask you to accept is EASY, the Load I give you to carry is LIGHT.”


God’s laws are for your own good. Just imagine, if the man who drinks to stupor decided to follow God’s laws was following God’s laws- he won’t be walking half- alive, half-dead at night and be stinking far worse than a gutter during the day. He would be a responsible man living in the will of God. He may not have money or even a job but He would wake up every morning with the hope of a better future because He knows the One who holds His Future is a Great God and He is always Faithful! He would be hardworking and still without worries because He knows this Earth is not His Home! The Lady who is in an abusive , irresponsible and unhealthy relationship would have taken a bold step to walk out of the wrong relationship because she knows who she is in Christ if she decided to follow Christ and she would have never walked into such a relationship if she was following God. The woman aborting would be Living by Faith and not by Sight and would never abort any Child The Lady wouldn’t be in an unequally yoke relationship where Sex is the Idol they are worshiping and God is not the Foundation and Christ the Focus of such relationship The man would be a good example of Christ not only in His Church but also in His family to His family Members and in His workplace to His work mates! The examples go on and on with the opposite of the situation happening for good in the Remaining situations!


When we refuse to follow God’s laws and refuse to live it the way God wants it, the Devil deceives us that “Everything is fine” and “We are living life to the Fullest” which is not actually true He hardens our hearts that ” We don’t have to bother about our Spiritual Life or even give God a thought and that we can make it in Life without God but the truth is that YOU KNOW THE TRUTH IN YOUR HEART! You know your life is not OKAY! You can agree with this that there are times you become tired of the way you are living. There are times you cry day and night in the quiet place where/when no one sees you. There are nights you wish you could get it right but it just seems clouded in your Head. You know you were created for something greater than this but then you don’t know how to achieve it. All doors seem locked to you! You want to know the right way out but yet you act as if you got it all under control. You believe your enemies are out there but your enemy is actually within you- you are your Greatest Enemy! The truth is that you should be truthful to yourself and admit the truth because “There is a way that seems right to a man but the End thereof leads to Death”- Proverbs 14:20


THE TRUTH IS THAT YOU HAVE BEEN DOING IT WRONG EVER SINCE AND YOU CAN ONLY DO IT RIGHT WHEN YOU GO BACK TO GOD. YOU NEED GOD IN YOUR LIFE. YOU NEED TO REPENT OF YOUR SINS AND ASK GOD FOR FORGIVENESS OF YOUR SINS! You need Help and that help can only be gotten from God because He created you He knows what is the best for you Turning back from the confused world to the Hands of God is what you should do right now God sent His Son, Jesus came to die for your sins not so you can live a reckless, sad life but so that you can live a FREE, SACRED LIFE!” True Freedom is found in Christ when you have a Living Personal Relationship with Christ


Below are some verses to help you understand better-

“The Lord is like a strong tower;
those who do right can run to him for safety.”- Proverbs 18:10

Respect for the Lord gives life.
It is like a fountain that can save people from death.- Proverbs 14:27

So you must be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.- Matthew 5:48


May God reveal himself to you more as you draw closer to Him and may He help you to live the way He wants so you may be pure and perfect when presented before Him on that day in Jesus name! Amen!

God Bless.

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Bola John

Dr. Bola John is a medical doctor, and writes to encourage young men and women to lead a victorious spiritual life.

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