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The Dipping Place.

There’s a God-sized void in our hearts and People, Work, Passion, Ministry, Material things can’t fill it.

There are times we feel so discontent and unsettled; sometimes we can’t pinpoint what’s gnawing at our hearts.
When you feel lonely, it isn’t the time to throw yourself into more people, more activity.

Loneliness is God drawing you back to him, calling for your attention, needing you to need him. ~ daughtersofphillip

A lot of times, we get into so much activity for God and his Kingdom that we forget to be fed; even when we remember our early morning coffee of doing a rushed devotional. Being fed is not solely by studying the word and praying, as some don’t have a problem doing that, but what we forget to do is to be fed in Love. We forget that the New Creation’s Spirit was recreated in love and will be sustained by a constant flow of love from the father. We must understand that God loves us individually first, then collectively.
Have you ever been there? Where you were doing okay doing stuff for the kingdom, passionate about God’s work and the gospel such that you sincerely felt everything was okay. But then something wasn’t right. You weren’t as satisfied as you used to be, you didn’t feel that sweet, inexplicable feeling inside your chest, on your tongue, on your skin any longer… it was just gone! So, you put yourself into more work and activity but it didn’t working, you tried covering it up with making sacrifices that defy reason, you prayed longer than you have in all your years put together, but all to no avail.

At other times, it’s the everyday issues of life; the rushing out of bed–dashing out of the house—encountering the city traffic—making good use of brain power, putting things to work, providing solutions at work—making relationships work—staying motivated all day long—cooking meals we’re too tired to eat– living life on purpose—being there for loved ones, mentees, friends etc. You are successful the first day but then the cycle continues. And then, there’s the other things life throws our way: Lack, insecurity, unsettled emotions, fear, offenses with loved and cherished ones, depression, sadness, etc. Lol! I can see your head spinning already! Is it surprising that we feel lost and drained?
But now, we’re going to step into the dipping place. To fall on our face and stay there, to let the words and tears flow freely, to kneel before the Father and rest our tired head on his lap; to close our eyes and feel his gentle hand stroke our hair. In the dipping place, we can find rest in God, all our fruits blossoming into fulfillment. Peace. Grace. Comfort. Safety. Love. Blessing.

Just remember that whenever you’re caught up in the day to day stuff, busyness, hard work, the things that need to be done and you forget Go; times when you feel your heart has been broken into two parts; times when you feel like closing your eyes and never opening them. Please remember that He’s your source of peace amongst the turmoil, your source of stillness in all the unsettled thoughts flying around in your head, your source of comfort when your heart is empty and He’s there, just right beside you… Reach out and hear him calling you to himself, beckoning you to step out from all of it from time to time, to curl up with him, and find rest in his ever soothing embrace, needing you to receive his early morning kisses.

Hear him, beloved, calling you to The Dipping Place.

Love, always.

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • Seyi

    Awesome piece!! People should read this.

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