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How To Be Sure He’ll Ask Again.

Welcome again to your Do Something! blog – A blog that gives you all the encouragement you need to stay active in life’s playing field. If there is any secret out there, whether it was whispered into a bird’s ear as it exited the windows of heaven, or given to a Mid Eastern prince by a sage, you’ll find it here – on this blog. So stay with us.

If God is the foundation for all you do, you will understand that business and family are all ministry. Like marriage, business is also a way of fulfilling God’s purpose for your life and requires the same principles in choosing a business venture or partner. However do we ever consider the impact on our destiny if we refuse an offer of business or marriage proposition.

Many times, we come across people who want to work with us, or ask us to be with them forever, by way of marriage.
When we aren’t sure, or aren’t ready for such heavy commitment, we resort to saying NO. After saying NO we sometimes pray he moves on, or hope he asks again.
How do you know he’ll ask again?

He’ll ask again because he needs you! He’ll ask again when he fully understands that you are the very person he needs, whether or not you think you are qualified for the job and a perceptive employer would be able to identify your potential through his experience. He/She may perhaps determine where you fit in, or even create a new position just so he keeps you!

Again, once he needs you, he’ll ask again!

Is there any comfort that you said no at first?

Yes. Certainly.
He understands that you have an idea of who you are. What you can and cannot do. He also understands that you have a good understanding of your goals, especially if you said no based on principle.

Ever heard the saying that married men are attractive to single ladies because they perceive married men as more responsible? Interestingly, in business people love to do business with those who have a record of doing business. So if you refused a business offer because you’re unable to commit, You’ll be surprised to find that they will still persist in arranging a meeting to discuss how you may still be useful to the project.

Furthermore, when you say no, it gives the man who asked you extra time to reconsider his need for you. Does he really need you? Are you going to be useful to him? And also gives you time to make up your mind, and reconsider the option. Naturally, the mind is programmed to re-evaluate every opportunity seemingly passed over, asking questions like, ‘should I have said yes to him?’ ‘Maybe I should have tried to fit it into my schedule.’

Most times you either get the affirmation from your spirit or conscience that you did the right thing, and the case is closed. Other times, you say, ‘okay, next time, I’ll answer thus and thus.’
So saying NO helps both parties check their need for the other!

I personally don’t want to work for or be with a person who doesn’t need me. If I’m not meeting a need I won’t be comfortable, nor would you, as a do something person!

The beautiful thing is, if they need you, they’ll come back; if it is your NO that chased them away, then good for the both of you.

Just keep growing your skill, attitude, and making yourself useful, lovable, and easy to do business with, such that when people come in contact with you, they’ll go to the length and breath of this world just to have you by their side.

It was not your NO that chased him away, he just wasn’t sure he needed you!

Keep doing something!

Ike Amadi.

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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