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A baby was born to a woman who had been looking for the fruit of the womb for years, a beautiful baby girl. Three months later, tragedy struck. The little girl fell very ill – to the point of death – and was diagnosed with cerebrospinal meningitis (an infection of the brain, spinal cord and its coverings). After several weeks of hospital stay and innumerable drugs, she survived. However there was a thorn in this rose – she could grow up to be blind, deaf or lame. It was still too early to tell. Twenty years later, this young lady smiles and says (with some speech impairment), “I was lucky; I got deaf.” Today she is a dancer, a very exceptional one at that. Once she takes the stage and begins to perform, flashing that radiant smile, no one can tell that she is deaf. When asked how she achieves this amazing feat, she smiles and says, “I feel the vibrations, they guide me.”

A lot of us have faced several challenges, false accusations and disappointments. But really, can they compare to this young lady’s story? Or to that of countless people who were born without hands or legs but have gone on to have a good education, become renowned artists and life coaches? Maybe you have gone through such or worse. The good news is what ever did or did not happen to you, you are more than this. You can rise above anything

The other day, while cleaning out my store room, I noticed so many cobwebs. This surprised me because I had cleaned it just the previous week; but the fact remains that once a room is abandoned, it is left for all manner of things to occupy. It is an empty room, or with few possessions, none of them priced; so more often than not, dust and cobwebs become the artwork of desolation. It got me thinking, made me realize just how much the mind is like a room. It needs to be filled with beautiful things and constantly tended to. Abandon it and it is soon filled with cobwebs. The webs of the mind are doubts, fears, guilt, resentment and strife, amongst others. Webs begin insidiously and if left unattended create a mess that does no one good. One needs to proactively guard the mind for it is what determines our success in life. Renew your mind continually using the word of God. Stay on top.


Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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