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You gotta jump – Steve Harvey

Every successful person has jumped. You are eventually going to have to jump. You cannot just exist in this life; you have got to try to live. If you are waking up thinking there is got to be more to life than there is, believe that there is. But to get to that life, you are going to have to jump.

God when he created all of us gave every last one of us a gift at birth. He never created a soul without endowing them with a gift. You just got to quit looking at gifts as running, jumping, singing, and dancing. There is more than that. If you know how to network, if you can connect dots, if you draw, teach, bake pie; some of you fry chicken more than anybody else, bake pie, cut hair, color hair; some people do grass. I had a partner, never wanted to go out with us because we stayed out too late.

“Come on man, go out with us.”

“No man, I gotta get up early in the morning, I am cutting Mrs. Johnson’s grass.”

We kept laughing at this dude, cutting grass how much do they pay you? He got a landscaping company in Cleveland worth $5 million. Because all he does is cut grass, but he was gifted at it. That’s his gift, that’s what he loves to do. You have got to identify that gift.

When you are standing on the cliff of life and you see people soaring by, going to exotic places, you hear about them doing wonderful things, and you wonder how they are doing that. Have you ever thought, maybe this person has identified their gift and is living in their gift. Because your Bible says, your gift will make room for you. Not gift, not your education. You are going get an education, that’s nice; but if you don’t use your gift that education is not going to take you so far. I know a lot of people who have education that aren’t even using them. It is your gift. And the only way for you to soar is you have got to jump. You have got to take that gift that is packed away in your bag and jump off that cliff and pull that cord. That gift opens up and provides the soar. If you don’t ever use it, you’ll end up just going to work. And if you end up going to work on a job every day, that you hate going to, that ain’t living man, you are just existing; at one point in time you have got to see what living is like; and the only way to see what living is like is you’ve got to jump.

Here’s the problem. When you first jump, your parachute will not open right away. I wish I can tell you that it did, but it doesn’t. When you jump, it is not just going to open right away. You are going to hit the rocks. You are going to get some cuts on your body, you are going to get all your clothes torn; you are going to be bleeding pretty badly. But eventually the parachute has to open, that is the promise of God. That is no theory; it is a promise from God. And his promises are true. You cannot name one single thing God has not gotten you through. And if he hasn’t gotten you through it, he is currently pulling you through it right now, and the living proof of it is that you are still here. And since he is getting you through it, why will he not let your parachute open?

It has to open, but you gotta jump!

You can play it safe and deal without the cut and the tans. And you can stand on that cliff of life forever safe. But if you don’t jump, and I have a promise I can make you: Your parachute will never open. You’ll never know what God really has for you. See your God has a wonderful life for you.

Your Bible says that He comes to give you life, and give you more abundantly. If I were you, I would jump, because that is the only way to get to that abundant life. You have got to jump. You have got to take a chance!

Some of you may say, “I have got bills.”

Well, whether you stay on the cliff or you jump, you are going to have bills.

At one point in time, do yourself a favor; go see what God can really do. God will hold you up, he won’t let you fall. He didn’t bring you this far and let you fall.

Do yourself a favor man, before you leave this world, before you die, jump! just jump one time; Just jump!

Thank you very much.

Steve Harvey


Harvey, S. (2016) You gotta jump, [Online],, [15 Jan 2016].

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