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God Speaks

LA family has been reading the Psalms. Amazing revelation it has been, more so, when you read it on a Saturday morning, without the hurry of work and the thought of a busy day on your mind.

God always speaks, but are you ready to listen. He spoke to me through Psalm 112.

The passage is about a man who fears the Lord and delights in obeying his commands.

I found 10 blessings for that man. I used KJV and NLT.

1. He is blessed (joyful. NLT). v 1.
2. His seed shall be mighty upon the earth.
3. His generation shall be blessed.
4. Wealth and riches shall be in his house
5. His righteousness (good deeds NLT) will last forever.
6. Light shines for him in darkness.
7. He will never be overcome by evil. v 6
8. He shall never be forgotten. v.6
9. He shall not be afraid of evil tidings (bad news) v. 7
10. He will have influence and honor. v. 9

wow! I like the 9th blessing most. He shall not be afraid of evil tidings. Good tidings all the way.

But there are some things that guarantee these blessings.

1. He fears the Lord. v. 1
2. He delights in obeying God’s commands. v. 1
3. He is gracious. v. 3
4. He is full of compassion. v. 3
5. He is righteous. v. 3
6. He lends his money generously v. 5
7. He conducts his affairs with discretion. v. 5
8. He confidently trusts in the Lord to care for him. v. 7
9. He gives generously to those in need. v. 9

Amazing. the blessings are even more than the conditions. wow!

Well, brethren, lets dosomething!!

Ike Amadi.
For @thelafamily

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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