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A major character of the end time is the flow of Supernatural finances for the purpose of impacting a generation. There is a connection between wisdom and wealth. The manifestation of wisdom is always the
manifestation of wealth (Gen. 41:39-44, 1kings 10:23-25)

1. Money making is an art that can be learnt: Financial intelligence brings increase and
financial ignorance brings financial insufficiency.

2. Wealth is neither a respecter of location or education: It is possible to have Professors
that are paupers and illiterates that are rich because wealth is not a respecter of education. Also, in the villages, you have lenders and in the city, you have beggars because wealth is not a respecter of location.

3. Wealth is a lifestyle sponsored by a mindset and poverty also is a lifestyle sponsored by a mindset: There is a way poor people behave when they see money. There is also a way rich people behave when they see money. Poor people have a hunter’s mentality when they see money (kill and eat )while rich people have the shepherd’s mentality (breed and multiply).

1. A God-first existence (Matt. 6:33, 2Chron. 26:5; 27:6, Prov. 3:9-10): Every time money enters your hand, let God be the first Person that comes to your mind. Don’t envy any ‘rich’ person who does not have a relationship with God. Money that is not covered by Covenant has no future.

2. Existence as a Blessing (Gen. 12:2; 14:14, Job 29:11-12): Everybody is blessed to the capacity of their willingness to bless their generation. Don’t wait until you have too much to start being a blessing. Start from where you are now.

3. Existence in diligence/a life of industry (Gen. 47:6; Prov. 10:4; 12:24; 13:4; 22:29): Diligence means to give out your energy and your best. If you are diligent, you must end up eminent, prominent and financially substantial.

4. Existing and operating in excellence (Gen. 41: 39-44, 1Sam 16:18-19, 21; Dan. 2:48; 6:3): Quality is key to
quantity and prosperity. Average operation equals average existence. Discharge unusual excellence in whatever you do and customers will look for you.

5. The refusal to spend everything/ the avoidance of waste (Prov. 21:20, John 6:12-13): After you pay your tithe to God, before you pay your bills, pay yourself first by removing a percentage to save. What will you do with it? Save it first. It doesn’t matter how much money comes into your hands monthly, save a percentage of it no matter how small (Prov. 21:20).

6. Increasing investment and decreasing expenditure (Luke 19:13): Mother money is the money that is meant to
raise more money. To spend it is to kill the future. God collects money from the hand of wasters and puts it in the hands of investors (Matt. 25:26-28).


Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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