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Sabbath by John G. Lake.

Amazing sermon by John G Lake by title, Sabbath. Read @Mfoluwa’s notes and be blessed! Glory.

A Christian cannot base his standard of life upon the mosaic law in any way. Jesus lifted us up above that standard

It seems difficult for Christians 2 understand and realise that our Christian experience has been moved once we entered into Jesus

The operations of the spirit of God in the different dispensations were distinct and clear.

The patriarchal Dispensation; God approached man from the standpoint of revealing himself to man. “God to man”

The Mosaic dispensation was a Fuller revelation, God was present with man. ‘God with man

When the Christian goes back and live under Christ and the control of the Law, he has descended from the standard of the Spirit abiding in him.

As christians, It is important that we do not go back to the law. @ikeamadi (Gal 3:3)

Jesus raised the standard for the Christian dispensation.

One will say, What about the commandments?

Under the Mosaic law you had to commit an act in order to be guilty. Under d law of Christ, the presence in the heart is sufficient

Jesus took it out of the regime of commandments into the regime of heart experience.

When the Christian undertakes that his life shall be governed by commandments, he is going to the old realm forgetting his state with Christ

It doesn’t mean that to us there is no law, but rather that we are now obedient unto the higher law by the son of God

We need to genuinely and truly Love like Christ does.

May God help us not to take backward steps, but realise our positions as sons of God

We shall live in him and abide in the holy ghost and realise the freedom of sons, not bondage of servants

We have failed to grasp the exalted place in Which Jesus put us when we were made the sons of God

May God write it deep in our souls and we are constantly reminded of our ‘high place’ in Christ

With God, everyday is as holy as every other day and there is no distinction for the life is in Him and he is the same everyday.

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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