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5 ways to get emotionally attached to someone

So easy to get emotionally attached with someone you have no business falling in love with. So easy.

Here are 5 tested and trusted ways you easily get someone to be emotionally attached to you:

1. By saying the right words. When you always say the right words in chats, replies, comments, she/he might start getting emotionally attached to you. She believes there’s a connection.

They’ll make comments like:
“We just seem to understand each other…”
“…we are simply made for each other.”

Don’t see her in the picture frame of your future?
Start saying a few stupid things, maybe? : )

2. By spending long hours with the person. Before you understand the need for personal development, chatting is the best thing that happened since slice bread. You spend hours chatting on phone, over the phone, ‘lol-ing’ and ‘haha-ing’ and ‘wow-ing’…

Dude, that lady will soon get emotionally attached to you.

Got no plans for her?
Keep those phone calls short!

3. Showing the right care. Yep, who doesn’t love to have someone be there for them?

No one.

Drive her round the city, walk her to her bus stop, send her some recharge cards (especially when she didn’t ask for it), send niceties her way, and boy, you are making a heart ready for the love you don’t intend to give.

Don’t plan to marry her?
Send those gifts to your wife-to-be.

Why not supply 4 & 5.

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Don’t cultivate a land you do not plan to harvest.

: )

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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