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12 Conditions for Acceptable & Profitable Service.

Acceptable & Profitable Service.
Exodus 23:25-
It pays to serve God.
It is profitable to serve God.
God is not a user of people, he is a raiser of men.
God is not a collector; he is a rewarder.

However, there are conditions of acceptable service.
1. Serve excitedly. Don’t serve in depression.
2. Serve holy. With character and integrity.
3. Serve heartily.
4. Serve affectionately. In love.

5. Serve reverently. Serve with reverence.
Don’t be casual about your service to God. Don’t let it be like you are playing.
Service with reverence is service with dividend.

6. Serve willingly. 1 Chron 28:9; 2 Chron 30:8
Yield yourselves unto the Lord.
Never ever allow God to notice reluctance in your kingdom activity.
Never allow God to notice the dragging of the feet in the things you are called to do.
With God, actions are weighed.
Never require external motivation/supervision to do what is right for God.
Don’t need anybody’s encouragement to be on fire.
Never serve God expecting a ‘thank you’ from God.
God is watching the way and manner you do things for God.
You did it, but you grumbled over it. You’ve wasted it.
Let the devil know that nobody is begging/forcing/putting you under pressure to serve God.
Wait for Jehovah’s Thank You.
7. Serve sacrificially. Psalm 22:30
1 Chron 21:24
Refuse costless service.
Refuse to serve God conveniently.
Refuse to serve God only when there is no rish; serve God sacrificially.
Don’t only do for God what is convenient.
Go out of your way and do things that place demand on your time, energy & resources for God.
God knows the things we have to give up for God.
God watches! Your level of sacrifice will determine your level of fire. Let your service for God affect your regular schedule. Be willing to give up certain rights and privileges, comforts, pleasure in the course of serving God.
Let us come to the point where God will see that we are not working because it is comfortable, but serving because we believe him.

8. Serve humbly.
Micah 6:8
Arrogance is a corrupter of service.
Pride is a corrupter of service. If you doubt me, ask Lucifer.
Ezekiel 28:12-15 ’till iniquity was found in thee.’
Lucifer sinned without temptation; he was an inventor of iniquity.
Ezek 28:17.

Perhaps, one of the reasons God hates pride is because it reminds Him of Lucifer.
1 Peter 5:5
Pride will deprive a man of the honor service is to bring.
Proverbs 15:33
Give God humility and He’ll supply you honor.
Never allow men to praise you to hell.
Never allow any achievement to get into your head.
Clothe yourselves with humility.
Don’t wait for anyone to tell you how your voice sounded.
On account of any money you gave to the kingdom, never raise your shoulders.
Serve God with all humility.
Refuse to raise a generation of Christ that will raise shoulders when they look down on other believers.
Never look down on other believers.
God will not give his glory to a church or pastor, or anyone.
Isaiah 42:8
Anytime people allocate praises to you, redirect it.
Let God have all the glory.
John 15:5
If you sang well, preached well, fasted well, God is the vine, you are the branches.
‘Without God you can do nothing’
Without God, preacher, what can you do?
Why are you moving about as if you did something?
If God removes his grace from you, you’ll see nothingness.
God will never leave you!

9. Serve worshipfully. Serve as an act of worship.
10. Serve unconditionally.
11. Serve God tirelessly.
12. Serve fervently or firefully.

Culled from Dr. Paul Enenche’s Message, Acceptable and Profitable Service.

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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