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And When He Was About To Celebrate…

Paul teaches English from time to time in Moscow.

He is usually in charge of a group ranging from 2 to 8 people.

Today, for him, is a very tiring day.

Having had a few groups to deal with and skipping lunch, he is already tired.

But then, he still has the last group to teach for 2 hours and 15 mins!

Thankfully, only one student shows up. Why thankfully? you may want to ask. Well, means he can get into conversations on different topics without having to switch between students of different frequency of learning or fluency of articulation.

To even make his day brighter, the student says to leave at 8:15pm, other than the 9:15pm stipulated time. She has a meeting to attend. ‘So very fresh!’ he thought to himself. One full hour of chilling. Means he gets home earlier, eats earlier and retires much earlier than envisaged.

Now although he is very tired, cold and much hungry, he gathers himself together and kept telling himself, 8:15pm.

8:15pm draws close. He keeps on doggedly. He talks and talks, and the more he talks the more the student’s eyes lights up and wants to talk more.

Who wouldn’t talk and talk when she is the only student in the class. Longer talk time.

8:15pm came, no intention to leave.



‘Aren’t you going for your meeting any more?’ Paul asks her?

‘Sure! Oh how time flies!’ She answers, trying to gather her items.

Assured that the lesson had come to an end, Paul wishes her a fine evening.

His jacket is already worn and he makes his way out. He needs to take a cup of tea – his 7th cup of the day.

As he leaves the class room, he sees a lady that looks familiar. His eyes are already tired, his strength spent. And because of that he can’t readily recognize the fact that the lady standing in front of his class room is indeed one of his students.

‘Hey!’ Paul greets, trying to be friendly.

‘Sorry I am late. You still teaching?’ Lena, his student asks.

‘Oh well, I had only one student come for the class. But she needed to leave for a meeting so we are practically done for the day.’ Paul affirmed.

‘So why did you stay outside? You should have joined in. You still want to study? He asks, out of duty of course.’

‘Well, if you have time,’ she says shyly in a near reverent manner.

‘Lord!’ He screamed, but without words.

‘Of course. You’ve paid for the time. We still have about 45 minutes,’ Paul wryly suggests.

‘So how was your day?’

And that was how he got into another round of teaching and talking.

How he survived the last 45 minutes, which crawled like a baby serpent, only God knows.


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Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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