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#AskPastorSunday with Pastor @SundayAdelaja: How to discover purpose in life


We watched the live interview tagged #AskPastorSunday, where Pastor Sunday Adelaja, Senior Pastor of the Embassy of God Church Ukraine, took questions from people all over the world, and answered them with knife-edge precision. We couldn’t help but document most of the questions and answers as we believe they will be useful to both us and those coming after us.

Please be blessed as you read.

Q: How to discover your purpose in life.

PSA: Study your self and find out the gifts, talents and instruments God has placed in you. If you love selling things, then you may make a good marketer or have something to do in business. If you have oratory gifts then you may find yourself useful in things that have to do with speaking like being a lawyer, or preacher, or the likes.

So study yourself. Find out what comes out of you naturally, and that could be a pointer into what God wants you to do.

Q: What is the greatest key for a successful Christian life?

PSA: To love God. You have to really love God, but not just in words but to be ready to prove it, by demonstrating that you really love him. The other thing is that you have to love people. Love for God and people are the greatest keys for a successful Christian life.

Q: What is your advice for upcoming ministries and how do you think we can partner with you?
PSA: Go to and you could join the mentorship program or subscribe for the newsletters and we could be in communication from there. To be successful as a ministry, sit down and study what made other ministries that have come before you successful.  Study those ministries that have a relationship with the calling you have. If God is calling you to build a church, study those who have done it and try to learn from them.

Q: How do I acquire the power of God, and how do I build my ministry.
PSA: Study as much as possible in what you want to do. secondly, have a model before you, and a ministry you want to copy. If you are talking about my ministry, study what obtains here; study my messages and study as much as possible; if you want, you can come to Ukraine and witness what God has done here.

Q: What is the role of the church in deciding leadership of nations.
PSA: Take Jesus by his words; he said, you are the salt of the earth. Salt is something that brings taste. If you see something you don’t like, infiltrate yourself into that part of the society let them bring salt, light, illumination and deliverance to that society. I believe Christians must go to every domain of society and be salt and light there. That is why I am not silent as regards the politics of my people.

Q: Please explain the difference between the gospel of salvation and the gospel of the kingdom.
PSA – The gospel of salvation  talks that God has forgiven their sins and so they try to remain in church all their lives so that when they die, they will go to heaven. But the gospel of the kingdom says when you are saved, you are already in heaven. You don’t just sit down in the four walls of the church. Find out what the calling is, and take responsibility, go in there and influence that sphere of life and bring the glory of the kingdom over there.

Q: Is there a sin God cannot forgive, and what is sinning against the Holy Spirit.
PSA– Jesus says the only sin God cannot forgive is blaspheming against the Holy Spirit. But an unbeliever cannot commit such sin, as for you to commit such sin, you must know the Holy Spirit to a certain extent and intentionally blaspheme against God.

Q: What makes a good house wife?
PSA: A wife that strives to understand the husband, supports the husband in his visions and aspirations. And takes care of the children by bringing the vision of the family and God’s purposes, is created to be a house wife. But who also has good self worth, knows her calling and purpose and tries to pursue her calling in life.

On Finances:
Q: How can we overcome the habit of not being able to retain money. How do we succeed in resisting the desire to spend everything and not save anything.
PSA: One of the laws of money is ability to exercise dominion over money. To do that, do not listen to the dictates of money. When money comes in your hand, let it lie for a few days. I personally do not carry money with me. The reason is that I try to exercise authority and live with faith rather than with money. Make plans for your money, and remain disciplined. Don’t break your own rules or misappropriate them. The best way to retain money is to invest the money.

Q: What do I do to gain prosperity in 2016?
PSA: Praying for financial prosperity doesn’t help much. You need to study the laws of money, and exercise yourself in the laws of money. Get my book, “Money won’t make you rich” and read my article, “The laws of money.” That is a good way to start.

Q: What are the key disciplines you will recommend for a minister that will guarantee effectiveness in ministry.
PSA: The discipline I will recommend for any minister and that has helped me is called ‘Being alone with God.’ That is, in a month I take anything from 3 days to 7 days and just lock myself away with God and fellowship with God, and study and read.

Q: How do we know that God has heard our prayer.
PSA: We know by faith. Try to feel peace to see that the burden has been lifted. WHen you feel peace, just believe and don’t shift your ground. Keep praying until you feel peace, that the burden has been lifted.

Q: DO you think it is right for people to pay money for anointing?
PSA: Well, it cost money to produce the paper for the books, the tapes and CDS, perhaps that’s why they are sold to recoup the money spent on those things.

On combatting terrorism
PSA: Terrorism has a cause. We don’t fight terrorism by weapons or by military or police. The basic way to fight terrorism is to find the ideology that is stronger than the ideology leading people. The only ideology that could stand the radical islam is Christianity. If we want to fight radical islam, we must empower Christians to promote Christian ideologies strong enough to make Christians to be more aggressive in love. The power of love can change every terrorist. Therefore, we must invest in churches.

Q: Is there a lesson we can learn from Muslims
PSA: If we will not love our lives and lead egocentric lives, and are ready to sacrifice our comfort and give our lives as missionaries and be as dedicated as those radical islamists are, then, you cannot but admire their dedication, if we will be such Christians, we can make the world a better place.

ON divorce:

IF the husband is not a believer, and is divorced, she may be free to remarry.

On Family:

Q; What does the Bible say about oral sex?
PSA: Most persons will tell you that it is between the partners and what they agree on. Some Christians say it is alright, some don’t. I will leave that for you to decide.

Q: Is masturbation a sin?
PSA: Most Christians feel it is a sin, and others believe it is a biological reality, but I know it has consequences especially when people become addicted to it. However, we must be careful so that our young people do not live in self guilt. If it happens to you, ask GOd for forgiveness and let the blood of Jesus wash you. Don’t be passive because of an occurence of such nature. Forgive yourself and move on. Keep on fighting it until you overcome. Don’t let that define your Christian faith. Masturbation is less than 1% of your Christian life. Think about your being a good brother, sister, son, father etc. and believe God to set you free from that one. Think less about it, put it in its place; it is just a little thing and move on.

Q: How do Christians accept lesbians, gays.
PSA: We have to love people who have gay issues. I would not like to brand a whole person by his sin. That is one of the little issues going on in his life. Apart from him who practices homosexuality, he might have other positive qualities; gay is one part of his life. They don’t like the church because they think we are branding them by their weaknesses. It is not fair to brand people with their weaknesses. We should be fair to gays and lesbians. But I don’t believe that people should accept it as a practice just as we don’t accept other sins as a practice. We should love them and help them understand that they have an issue that they can be delivered from. Jesus died for all sinners and can deliver a gay person from his sin or her sin. Nothing special. Just a sinner like other people. We will not tolerate those sins, but we will love them and help them to get deliverance from their sins.

Q: How to recognize God’s will in marriage.
PSA: There are three things you must pay attention to:
1. Make sure you love the person more than other people
2. Make sure you are satisfied with what you love.
3. Make sure you have an inner leading or God’s leading, something more than your mind telling you that this is God’s will for your life.

Q: For Entrepreneurs
PSA: Look into your gifting and calling and zero in, into where you are good, then make that into an industry. Become an expert in it, and believe God to develop you in that field.

Q: Finding out that someone is a lesbian/gay after marriage
PSA: If you have lived happily with someone for a while, and the only thing that changed is that you got to know. What should we fix? We should fix your thinking, your mind, and your information. Now that it is hurting you, the person must do something so that it doesn’t hurt you. In marriage, relationship is more important than our actions. Although actions can destroy the relationship, the relationship should be the goal.
If someone is struggling, should you condemn them and let them go? No. Go and strengthen the weak hands and the feeble knees. Support them. IF you discover that your husband is struggling with homosexuality is to: 1) Try to listen to him 2) Try to understand what is going on in his life. Put yourself in his place. Let him know you are not against him, give him acceptance. Don’t keep on reminding him about his weakness, remind him on his strengths. LOok into his heart, does he love God more than he loves the sin? Then support him.
We all have sinned, just that our sins have not been discovered.

Q: What is your opinion on women heading the church
A: I think women are as good as men in anything including pastoring or heading the church.

Q: I missed my convocation, what should I do?
A: It is just an experience. You’ll have more experiences in life.

Final words:

Get the knowledge
Work harder than anybody else around you. Pursue your goals
Pursue God as if everything depends on God.

Thank you so much, Pastor Sunday Adelaja, for taking out time to answer our questions. God bless you.

Those who have questions, please visit

Transcribed by the team.

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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