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#ConversationsWithMySister: One of the Boys.


Oh yes, again my sister and I had a discussion on the fear of God. Actually she is reading a really good book on the Fear of God. She decided to share her thoughts with me, her brother.

“No one goes where he is not desired. The same goes with God. He will not enter a life where he is not revered, respected or wanted.

Have we made God commonplace because we are new testament Christians? Are we taking God for granted? Yes, God’s presence will come down when called, but we must prepare our hearts. The same presence of God that the priests of old had to prepare a year for is the same presence we take for granted today.

God has made me understand that if I want to see His manifested presence in my life, then i have to step up and actively fear God and reflect the fear of God. What that means is that I cannot be lackadaisical in my attitude to God. I cannot take it for granted that God was with me yesterday so He’s with me today. I cannot treat God like one of the boys.

I cannot say, ‘God, I am about to do evil, I’m sure you know how far. Let your grace cover me.’

If God’s presence is going to be manifested in my life, then I have to be an active participant in fearing God.

God’s manifested presence that comes with healing, miracles, conviction does not come in a place where people do not revere Him.
I must actively walk in the fear of God.

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