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Divorce Her!

A while ago, I wrote about Mrs. Worry , outlining the several bads of this subtle soul mate called worry.

This week, I would try to suggest practical ways in which we will be able to reduce the effect of worry to the barest minimum.

When worried, I am inclined to sleep. I do not eat. I do nothing. I am wont to get under my blanket and think hard about the problem.

But I know, staying under the blanket wouldn’t stop the issue. I get starved in the process.

Kenneth Hagin, in his book, ‘Cast All Your Cares Upon The Lord,’ mentioned the power in that simple verse, Philippians 4:6, where it says “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

When worry keeps him from sleeping, he wakes up in the night, opens his Bible to that verse and tells the Lord, ‘Lord, you say I should not be anxious about anything…I am no longer anxious because I know you are working on the matter….”

He goes back to bed, but worry you know, doesn’t leave easily; so he gets up again, kneels down and says the prayer all over again, until he is able to sleep fine.

That has helped him over the years overcome the subtle fast-killing worry.

While I have noted his advice and will practice them, I also have observed that the following greatly help me overcome worry.

Like I said earlier, when worry hits me, my default is to run under my blanket. For others, it is to drown their heads in food and drinks, which could lead to weight issues.

And so this is what I decided to do:

1) I get up from the bed and go for a run. Yes, I run. I put on my boots and go for a run. As I run, I notice that my head is freer, I regain energy. I am able to clear my head off the many problems and focus on one thing – running. And running does great things to your system. Makes you lighter, makes you want to do something. At least after running, you’ll need to bath. And the bath cools your over-worked head down.

2) Now after that, I pick up a pen and write all that is on my mind. I try to itemize the things that are making me lose sleep and identify – in written form – what I can do personally to sort the situation out.

I have observed that I think well when I write. We all do. Once we pick up the pen, we see that this thing isn’t really as bad as it appeared to be. More so, while trying to sort out a logical solution to the matter, we may discover that there isn’t need to worry anymore as it is not in our hands to solve the problem. This will enable you identify whom you need take the trouble to.
Worry comes because so much information is tangled in our minds. When we separate them into pieces, we see that we can think more clearly on the situation at hand.

3) I talk to someone about the things I have identified as making me lose sleep. Taking recourse in a trusted friend works like magic.

I have this fine friend that asks me serious questions about the matter. And in trying to figure out the answer to the clear cut questions, I am totally enlightened on the hitherto dark matter.

Stop trying to figure out everything yourself, which is the primary cause of worry. Take it to God. And talk to someone.

I hope that as we apply the above, the Lord will lift every burden that is weighing us down.

Remember, he says, ‘come all who are burdened and heavy laden and I will give you rest.”

Receive rest today.

Ike Amadi
@ikeamadi on Twitter

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • keshi

    Nice! Except,in my own case, I walk, not And I walk very fast naturally… I pray GOD helps us not to only be readers and hearers but doers also. God bless you sir.

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