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DO SOMETHING: The Secret Behind an Excuse.

I do have a very smart dosomething boss. Very smart. The thing with working with smart people is that overtime you begin to think and talk smart.

One other thing with having a dosomething boss is that you aren’t exposed to mediocrity. You are constantly exposed to excellence.

“Excellence isn’t by accident, it is by design,” a quote often dropped by one other smart person I have met in recent time, Dr. Armstrong, a friend of my good boss.

But all of the above are preambles, even though they are foundational to the experiences I’ll be sharing henceforth on this blog.

Today, I will speak a little on priority and the secret of excuses.

You are where you are right now simply because you chose to be there.

That still sounds vague to me. Let me try again.

In this week, I have chosen to be in a retreat not because I didn’t have other places I could be in between those times, but because I saw being in that retreat as my HIGHEST priority.

If you fixed a meeting by 5pm, and someone else calls you to be in another location by the same 5pm, the meeting you honor shows your priority per time.

How does this info affect me?

Certainly does. As being able to correctly prioritize activities will enable you be where you ought to be per time.

How then should I correctly prioritize?

Easy. To correctly prioritize, simply ask,

“Which activity has the most impact on my vision?”

There are other parameters to consider like urgency: Can any of the activities be done at a later time?

And several other smart questions.

So in essence, there is no excuse as, ‘I’m busy, hence.” It is simply because you have other matters of higher priority being taken care of.

Still, you can always make out time to do things that are important to your foundational vision: eternity. Things that pertain to spirituality is priority 0 in my understanding. Undebateable.

So begin to make out time to read your Bibles and pray. Really read your Bible and pray for understanding.

As we have said, “I’m busy is no excuse.” You just don’t know that it’s a matter of high priority, hence.

So do something!

Get your priorities right!

Ike Amadi

P.s. I think every do something person will someday have to solve the issue of priority. If your table isn’t as full as mine, bless God, you’re gaining this knowledge now. Soon you’ll see how needful it is.

P.s 2. Join us pray for Nigeria, 15 mins today. Please sign up: here.

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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