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Do You Want To Overcome Fear?

I want to overcome fear.

A new acquaintance asked a question, “How do you overcome the fear of studying God’s word and about God, because you feel condemned for every word you read.”

I decided to do a research from friends who with me, are studying God’s word.

Here is what Eloho (@eloxie) said about the matter:

“Okay, first, like a curriculum in the face of an impending exam, one is responsible for all it contains, whether one reads it or not. But we don’t study the word out of fear to escape condemnation. The word of God is God and we study it because of a relationship with God. We want to know Him because we love Him. When you love someone you want to hear all they say, with time, you can preempt them somewhat. So, like children at the feet of their parents, we study God’s word because it’s a means to hear from Him and know and please Him. Escaping condemnation and judgment is possible when God leads us because He doesn’t lead us to sin. Guess what? He leads us by the word and His Spirit.  If I had two sons, both bearing my surname and one took time to sit and talk to me and the other didn’t, one will have knowledge of my riches, wisdom, influence, territory etc. and apply same to his life. He will know my voice and discern if someone told him something I didn’t say.

The other son, I will pay fees for, but he may never know the depth of my wisdom or enjoy the benefits like his brother. Studying the word is like that. And when we have that relationship with God as a father,obeying Him comes as a desire to please Him.So we are eager to read his word and know how. And the Holy Spirit helps us apply the word.

So please don’t be afraid to hear from your dad, He just wants to fellowship and walk with you.

The word is more than an escape from judgment. It’s our GPS through life. Wisdom for life is hidden in it, through God’s eyes. So, when we study God’s word, it is to ‘know’ God, so we can please Him.

Principally, there is emptiness in us that only God can fill. And when the spirit of God breathes on the word as we study, it quickens us. We begin to think just like God would have us. (Think about that son who listened to his dad talk). You know how we sound like someone after hanging around them for long? Or how we know what they would say? God wants us to get there… And we can get to the place where we hear God and walk with Him and this fear of judgment doesn’t haunt us. We are *led* by d Spirit and the spirit doesn’t lead us to do things that lead to condemnation. He leads us besides still waters; He guides us into all truth. And even when we unintentionally sin, He convicts us of sin and our love for God’s presence makes us quickly repent. It’s a win-win! So, don’t let the devil cheat you out of an abundance of life in the word. The Holy Spirit and the word – lethal combination for your life!

OluSeun, of our #la187 family on Whatsapp also added that, “Perfect love casts out fear and that’s what you will realise from the Word. The Bible is a book affirming God’s love for you. You will see God’s love shining through every page, His provisions for His children, His everlasting mercies, His faithfulness in our faithlessness, and His constant protection. You can’t miss it!”

God’s word reveals God. And God is love. When we fully understand God’s love, every fear within us is cast out.

The question is, do you want to overcome fear?

If the answer is yes, you must begin to study the word of God more and more. That is the only antidote to fear.

The question “do you want to overcome fear?” is more important than, “How can one overcome fear?”

Smith Wigglesworth was once asked to pray for a lady at a church he went to minister. The pastor said, “We’ve come to pray for you.” Smith said to the woman, “You are enjoying that sickness, you don’t want prayer.” He walked out.

The lady came back later, confessed he was right, was prayed for and received her healing.

So, friend, do you want to overcome the fear of studying God’s word?


Ike Amadi is a fiercely passionate young man whose life is to motivate others to do something. He is Author of the book, ‘Do Something!’ – available from okadabooks android app. He tweets via @ikeamadi

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Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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