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#DSMentor Dr. Len Stolyarchuk On Leadership

#DSMentor Dr. Len Stolyarchuk on Leadership

We met up with Dr. Len, owner/CEO at International School of Tomorrow Moscow, and wanted to know how he is able to win with people.


This was his response:

Treat everyone as family.


You must do well to see the older women as mothers, even though they are under you, the younger men and women as siblings, and your peers as brothers and sisters. That way, you’re more disposed to doing the right thing and leading them right. This was Paul’s instruction to Timothy by the way (1 Tim 5:1-2).

On motivating your team


Look for something that is meaningful to the people you lead. If it’s important to them, they will do it with joy.

As a leader, you must look for new ways of coveying the importance of what you do.
Motivation easily wears out. Keep innovating.



The only way you lead is by your own character. People watch you.



You need to do your utmost best to build the leadership team around you, because they are instrumental to what you do. Don’t build the organization around yourself; build it such that when you’re not around, things can still move.

Delegate things that aren’t a challenge to you anymore, to those whom it may still be a challenge. It gives them opportunity to grow.

Give people the power to make decisions. Which means you need to let people make mistakes. Differentiate between major decisions that have a major impact on the organization and you may have the final say on those decisions.

Leading as a servant


Yes you have the final say, but you must not make it too obvious; always carry people along; carry your leaders along. Of course you may have to put your foot down in certain circumstances, but always explain to your team why it is so.


Nothing should be too low for you. Once your team sees that you can even stoop to do the meanest of things, then you’re a leader. If something is too small for you, you’re a boss, and not a leader. Be a leader.

Thank you so much, Dr. Len for sharing your wisdom.

Ike Amadi

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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