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#dsmentor September edition.


“The organic expansions of our lives into the invisible eons of other minds bring into our own horizon the unexplored universe of other souls hence the good, the beauty and the possibilities that lie therein but also exposes us to the dangers, the deceits and the deviousness of these souls. We all must learn to modulate our interaction with other souls and adopt only that which is good and noble.” – Dr. Frenzo #dsmentor

And that was a quote by our #dsmentor, Dr. Frenzo. I had earlier asked for a quote of his on mentoring, and today, at about 7:35am, he posted that on my wall. If you have a quick understanding, you’ll understand the meaning of those words as they apply to mentoring.

Dr. Frenzo has greatly inspired me. A lot of people ask me, how did you meet this great guy, and I tell them a little of it. You’ll get to read about it in #platoon11.

Frenzo Adeniyi Onamusi

Frenzo Adeniyi Onamusi

But really, I had heard about him from my direct boss, Mr. Kemabonta, a man evidently revered in our office, and I wanted to know what really it was that my boss – whom I also consider to be a well of wisdom – respected about #drFrenzo.

Amiable and spiritual, #drFrenzo has an unassuming personality. He speaks only when he needs to, and I have found out that his time is worth plenty of thousands of dollars.

When he agreed to come to #dsmentor event, I was like, ‘wow!’ Although he had said to strongly consider it, I was concerned that something might arise that would need him to maybe be in Ontario before the #dsmentor event, and so I prayed that God will smile on me and that he’ll be in town on that day.

And so he confirmed that there was a window on his Saturday itinerary, and that he’ll be able to come for my mentoring session. That was enough reason to go out and invite people for the event. If Dr. Frenzo was coming, then everyone I know must come hear him speak.

That was the motivation for the notepads – if Dr. Frenzo was coming, then everyone must have something to write his words on. And that also was the motivation for the video camera. It was not very cheap to cover the event, but if Dr. Frenzo was coming, then none of his words must fall to the ground. And so we got a video man.

And when he called, at 11:56am, my heart skipped a beat. He was near, he was here. Wow! It was becoming a reality.

And Dr. Frenzo came, and poured out his heart. And opened the minds of youth corps members to dream, and dream big, and write out their dreams, and bade us success as we embarked on the journey to significance, which starts from within.

Of course we’ll do a proper transcript of the sessions covered at the #dsmentor event, as well as the videos, but for now, #drFrenzo spoke about 5 steps to significance:

1. Struggle – I don’t have enough.
2. Survival – I’m just getting by (most of us are on this stage)
3. Success – I have enough for right now and the foreseeable future.
4. Stability – I have enough for tomorrow & hereafter.
5. Significance – I have enough to give the world. (The level Bill Gates is on right now.)

It doesn’t matter what stage you are in life, you are on your journey to significance. And the ‘struggle’ stage is actually the best time to dream!

As Enenche will say, see you at the top!

“The journey to significance starts from within.” – #drFrenzo

For a minute, it felt like I was watching a TED session, only that I was there. And then later it felt like I was watching an event on CNN, and then I realized I was on the #dsmentor platform.

Thanks to Engr. Manyo Ndoma for coming to speak and telling us about value; thanks to Coach Sam for speaking about business strategy. And special thanks to Dr. Frenzo Adeniyi Onamusi who shared the story of how he moved from struggle to significance.

Most special thanks to Mr. Peter Jack, Director-General of National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) who believed in the #dsmentor vision and supported us to make it happen.


Aspiring #dsmentor!

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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