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Fear Not, The Value is in You.

I had chatted with a former school mate who is currently in Nigeria, asking him how he was doing. He replied that he was fine. He went ahead to ask when I was coming into Nigeria, I told him, and the real conversation started.

He needed my help with purchasing some things from Russia. I truly wasn’t ready to go out of my already tight schedule and traffic-congested way to ensure those purchases were made; but because of the services I knew I would certainly be needing him to render me when in Nigeria, I gave it a second thought.

It made me think for a minute. What do I have to offer that people will be willing to bend over backwards for? Is there a value added service I render that keeps me in demand? These questions confronted me and I relayed them to my sister.

“Fear not,” she started, and went ahead to share some interesting things on value. I took notes, and will share the better part of the conversation. Enjoy.

Paul Adefarasin said, “The value of a thing is connected to its purpose. The greater the purpose, the greater the value.
To better understand your purpose, you need to answer the question, “what do people get when they meet me or what do they lose when I leave?” That, my dear, is what people will pay for. That is what they would bend over backwards for.

5 Things I learnt about Value:

1. Value might not be what you think it to be. Your value is simply unique to your purpose in life (which in itself is unique). What this means in other words is that your value may not be tangible or physically appear as an asset. Bringing it home, your value may not be found in knowing how to fix cars, or computers, but there might be some intangible value that you carry. That is your oil well, brother. I have a friend who is a very good hugger. When she hugs you, it’s as though the hug wordlessly takes away your pains. Some persons cry after receiving her hug. Hidden right there is her value. You must identify it and please don’t treat as commonplace what you are uniquely gifted to do.

2. Value Can Be Extended. From simply hugging people, she could think of setting up a counselling network, with hugs, ofcourse, as bonus. Whatever your value is, there is plenty room to extend it and grow it. You can choose to improve on that value adding capacity you have once you have identified it. Do it well, don’t take for granted that you are able to do ‘x’, be the best at doing it.

3. With proper thought, business strategizing and fresh packaging, you can make money off your value. It’s simple. Just package it to your niche of influence and see the funds enter in unquantifiable amounts.

4. Not everyone will see your value.
Yes, I might not know your value, but the people you are called to you will certainly see your value and will be willing to pay for it. Don’t bother about those who downplay your value, they are not your crowd. Just be relevant and your value will be evident to those you are called to.

5. Focus on strengthening your purpose. Don’t spend time working on doing something because you see your friend doing a particular thing. Focus on what your have in your hands. Improve upon it, learn and ponder upon how you can increase your value in relation to your purpose in live.

And you’ll lead a ‘happily ever after life.’

How do I discover and know my value?

1. Why do people come to me?
2. What do people get when they meet me?
3. What do they lose when I leave them?

I took those questions to the market place, and got interesting reviews. We take for granted the words people say to us on how our lives have touched them but listen a little more carefully dear friend, therein lies your value.

In church, one brother said, ‘Ike, you made prayer very simple. Everyone was excited to pray.’ Another said, ‘Ike, whenever you are on the microphone, we cannot sleep.’ And recently, I observed that when I have had a good meal, I could entertain a crowd. I always knew that everywhere I am must remain fresh. No dullness. There’s that energy reverberating in me and like Jesus in Mark 2:1, men and women must know that Ike Amadi is in the house.

Apart from the above, I’m called to instill the Do Something consciousness in people. Simply put, I am in this world to make motivation very simple. yep!

My main zadacha (task, in Russian) is how to package this value and put it in the market.

God will help me.

What’s your value?


P.s. This piece is part of a series, Conversations with my sister.

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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