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Dr. Paul Armah, AGCC Moscow

4 Ps That Will Help You Fulfill Your Great Destiny! ~ Dr. Paul Armah

How to Finish every task before you
by Pastor Paul

God has given each and every one of us a great destiny. These are some points that can help us reach our great destiny.
1. Pray

What has God told you about what you are doing?

When you begin with prayer, you get:
– Divine direction
– Divine strength
– Divine favor

Before you step into that class, spend time with God (Neh 1:4-11; 2:1-9)!

Trust God to help you, not man.

What separates us from the people of the world is the presence of God we carry.

For everything you want to begin, start with God. If you begin with God, your future is guaranteed.

No matter the level you reach, don’t forget God. If you began with God, commit him until the end.

Whatever you begin, get a word from the Scriptures connected with it. Remind God of his word.

2. Plan

After you have prayed, plan your life. Neh 2.
Be careful of the kind of people you tell your dream. Sometimes keep quiet and work on it. Be careful of the time to tell people what God has put in your heart.

Know when to ask for advice. Allow God to work on you, lest people use their experience to advice you, meanwhile that is not the area God is leading you to follow. Don’t talk to a dream killer!

Know when to tell the right people your plan. Get a plan for your life and submit it to God, and God will honor it.

3. Pursue

Pursue only after you have prayed and planned. Better to get the direction before you move.

Before you apply speed, know your direction.

Laziness is costly. It will deprive you of the beautiful life ahead of you.

Work hard. Sit down and read (as a student).

There is time for everything. Time to pray, and time to study.

Ask for help when you need help, don’t be proud.

4. Protect your dream from the opposition (Nehemiah chapters 4 & 6).

To possess your dream, you’ll need to overcome opposition.

If you follow the status quo, people will like you. When you pursue your dream and achieve it, people will salute you.

When you follow the crowd, people will laugh at you. Believe God’s word concerning you.

If you don’t do anything, nothing will happen in the future.

Satan has no power over you if you are a child of God.

Regardless of the discouragement, know that there is something good ahead. Have the mind to work.

Receive the grace of a finisher in Jesus name.
I receive it!

Go and make it!

Dr. Paul Armah is the resident pastor of AGCC Moscow.  


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