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I want to have a hardened mind.

If ever you’ve met with criminals, you’ll agree with me that they have a hardened mind. One trained to kill, one trained to not consider the loss of human lives as anything.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the atrocities of terrorists – religious and otherwise; how that their actions betray a deep-seethed unalloyed conviction that mere words cannot erase.

In our part of the word, we’ll say, “them get mind,” translated, “they have hardened minds.”

As I pondered on the kind of mind these ruthless criminals possess, I began to consider the kind I have. Is my mind flexible? Easily moved? Easily bribed? Do I easily shift positions when my convictions are questioned?

I remember when I used my private car to assist a few passengers who were going my way. Normally, they show appreciation at the end of the journey by paying the fare which will be used to supplement the fuel. One day, As usual, I transported some people to town; on getting to the bus stop, I attempted to collect the fare for the ride. Boy! that got me into some trouble with the Union of Road Transport Workers.

Their task force – a group of agile young men – apprehended me. They wouldn’t let me go, even though I pleaded with him, telling all the fine stories in the world. At some point, I offered to pay the fine to the person who ‘arrested’ me, just so I can be on my way as soon as possible, but he wouldn’t budge. I must go to the office with him.

At the park which they converted to an office, I had to pay the full fee expected of a Road Transport Worker. Even though I didn’t have my way that morning, I respected the focused nature with which the guy who apprehended me went about his job. His dedication won my admiration.

When I narrated my ordeal to my brother who had experienced same before, he made a statement which stuck with me,

“Those guys are hardened. They have a very strong mind.”

If you must get ahead in life, then you must have mind. Your mind must be fixed, your faith unflinching, and your resolve unshakeable. You must be able to say NO, and to stand by what you believe.

When men and women come with enticing words, you must be able to look beyond all of that and do what you are out to do. For it is only men who do what they are tasked to do that become great.

After I had settled them and we had become friends, I observed their operations. I watched as a new young man was introduced to the Task Force. The boss had told one of the team mates to please train him so that he too will be like them, and will be able to do the things they do, without fear or favor.

3 months from now, I’m sure that young man who looked so gentle and unassuming will have become hardened, and full of a different mind.

What kind of mind do you have?

Ike Amadi

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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