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If she is from Kaduna…

So these days marriage discussions have been a regular in my house, and tonight’s was very wow! It took a new turn.

We had gone to visit a family whose wife is from Kaduna. While driving back, my mother started a conversation saying how awesome the lady was. She added that people from Kaduna always have good character and stay in their husband’s house.

First time in history for my mum to recommend a tribe other than hers. And so my elder brother said he knows a lady at his office who was from Kaduna. I added, if she is from Kaduna…
…marry her!

‘Boy, you need to go spend a weekend in Kaduna! Best way to pick a Kaduna wife.’‘Marriage is a sweet venture,’ a lady I carried in the car the other day told me. ‘Especially if you marry your own person,’ she continued

By your own person, she means bone of your bone, and flesh of your flesh. That person who’ll complement you.

She further advised that we married young so that our children will grow with us. The conversation was so fresh and she greatly encouraged us to marry as soon as possible. I was genuinely inspired.

And now, we hear it is happening in Kaduna!

Who will go with me to Kaduna?

Ike Amadi

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Ike Amadi

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