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MFM 70 days Prayer & Fasting Guide. Day 28

Hello friends,
I have been seeking a way to make things different on this blog. I found how. The MFM prayer and fasting guide.

When you hear Mountain of Fire and Miracles, yes, you think ‘fall and die’. Perhaps that is true, and perhaps not.

But the fire welled up in me today and I knew I needed a new set of prayers from someone who has gone ahead of me. Yep!

So I searched for the manual, and Mercy, who has often times fueled my passion for spirituality, aided with sending these prayer points via sms. It blessed me, I hope it will bless you too.

1. Oh Lord, let me be a blessing spiritually to all the families of the earth.
2. Take me to the place you have prepared for me physically.
3. Let my bones operate in excellence.
4. Let my eyes never go dim.
5. Renew my strength and let me possess my possession.
6. Father, arise and neutralise the effects of every poison and toxic consumption I have knowingly or unknowingly absorbed into my life.
7. Open the heavens and pour me a blessing I have no room enough to receive.
8. Let your traffic of angels be mobilized to process and announce my breakthrough.
9. Let the doors of revelation open to me of their own accord.
10. Open the gate of righteousness and I will go in and praise the Lord.
11. Every dark veil invading my life, clear off by the power in the blood.
12. Empower me to dream divinely.
13. Enroll me into your midnight school to lubricate my vision and empower my life.
14. Every blindness, deafness, dullness in the spirit, clear away in Jesus name.
15. Every secret I need to know to fulfill my destiny, oh Lord, reveal to me.
16. Open my eyes to behold your secrets that will catapult my destiny.
17. Thou spirit of revelation and wisdom, envelope my life in Jesus name.
18. Let every darkness and uncertainties in my dreams and visions be wiped out by the blood.
19. Every cloudiness around my spiritual vision, clear away by the blood.
20. Internal yoke battling with my prophetic dreams, clear away by the power in the blood of Jesus.

Confession. Gen 28:12, 18.

Wow! And Mercy sent all that via SMS. Your blessing is complete in Jesus name.

As we pray, I know that God has heard our prayers and will answer.


@ikeamadi on Twitter.

P.s. Do not forget that you can get a copy of the prayer bulletin from an MFM church near you or on Amazon.

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • Hello Daddy, we are in day 29 today. Just obtained the manual

    • That is true : ) I still haven’t gotten my manual.

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