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My Perfect 14-Point New Year RESOLUTION

Who said you can’t get new year resolutions from the bible?

I think reading the conclusion of the epistle to the Philpians (Phil. 3,4 KJV, NIV) as the year is coming to a close is timely and a ‘God-incidence’. I gleaned 14 points (to rhyme with 2014) which I believe when applied to our lives will make for a happy 2014:

[I will:]

1. Rejoice in the Lord always and in all ways Phil. 3:1, 4:1.

2. Prayerfully consider every opportunity for new friendships and associations Phil. 3:2.

3. Offer to God quality worship by depending on the Holy Spirit Phil. 3:3-11.

4. Follow after God and positive role models Phil. 3:12,17.

5. Let every past experience (good or bad) be laid to rest with the old year. Experience newness Phil. 3:13.6. Press on, strain on, go a mile further, add that extra to the ordinary Phil. 3:14.

7. Set my mind on heavenly things (higher, purer, more noble things). Phil 3:19-21. Start practising for my destination – heaven.

8. Be unmovable and unsakeable in the faith Phil. 4:1

9. Live in peace, unity and love with others, starting from The LA Family 🙂 phil. 4:2-3.

10. Ensure My conducts speak Jesus to the world Phil. 4:5.

11. Replace anxieties, cares and worries with prayers and petitions enveloped in thanksgiving. Unburden yourself in God’s presence. Phil 4:6-7.

12. Think only on what I want to see happen in my life. Phil. 4:8.

13. Apply those things which I have learnt. Phil 4:9.

14. Credit my heavenly account by giving, giving and giving phil 4:17.

Finally, God’s promissory note to us says: The peace of God shall keep our hearts and minds. We can do all things through the strength that God gives. All our needs are being met and the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ is with us. What more can we ask for?

Do have a happy, blessed and fulfiling New Year.

Veronique Ojay


I pray you receive wisdom to make the right resolution, one that is from God’s word. I think Veronique beat me to this, as I had already written a piece on resolutions, which I planned to publish soon; and boom! she sends this in. So watch out for the piece of resolutions.

Be blessed!

Ike Amadi

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Ike Amadi

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