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Never Say….

January 2.

It’s day 2 already and by now your vision should already be clearly written down, and you are mapping out plans on how you will work to ensure the vision comes to reality .

Tomorrow, we’ll look at Mind Mapping. You can search the internet to understand a little of what it entails.

My advice?

Wait for tomorrow, when I’ll practically show you what really it means, and how you can implement it in your planning process.

To round up our series on Mastering The Potentials of The Tongue, we’ll look at what I call the Never Say’s.


Never say, ‘I cannot,’ because you can!
Never say, ‘I am not able,’ because you are well able!
Never say, ‘I am defeated,’ because you cannot be defeated anymore!

The spirit of the conqueror has been passed on to you, and you’re going to see victory all the days of 2014.

When you are always talking negative, you are weakening the tongue, which in turn weakens your life.

When however you speak positive, and you speak in God’s name and with the understanding of God’s power, you’re strengthening the tongue for exploits.

Ezekiel 12:25, for I am the Lord I will speak and the words that I speak shall come to pass.

All the promises you’ve been making will come to pass in Jesus name.

Every morning, declare the promises of God, for it shall come to pass in Jesus name. It shall no more be prolonged anymore.

Phil 4:13, ‘I can….’
Can you do this? I can.
Can you succeed? I can.
Can you live a victorious life? I can.
Can you inherit the land of promise
Can you overcome your enemies
Can you overcome the challenges before you.

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

I can. I will. I must.

Can you live long? I can.
Will you live long? I will.

2 kings 20:1, Hezekiah was sick unto death, and the Prophet, Isaiah came to him that he should put his house in order, for he would die.

But Hezekiah knew that even when God has said something, God could still do something about it!

How much more what man has said concerning you? How easy will it be for God to overturn it.

Whatever negative thing has been said concerning you is overturned in Jesus name!

Once again, your miracle is in your mouth, my miracle is in my mouth.

I will overcome
I will achieve
I will be where God has appointed me to be.
I will do what God has appointed me to do.

If you let me, we’ll go on and on; we’ll stop here for today and continue tomorrow.

Abraham’s blessings are yours!

Ike Amadi

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Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • Amen…Phil. 4:13. Thank you for this. Abraham’s blessings are ours!

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