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The 65me Challenge!


What is #65me?





9 Things To Know About #65me

  1.  Why 65me? It is very encouraging to read the bible under a plan. Without a plan, interest is quickly lost. The plan consists of 65 Days of reading through the  New Testament and MEDTITATING, hence the #65me.
  2.  Purpose: To prayerfully read through the New Testament as  a family; the #65MeFamily
  3.  Process: Read four chapters of the NT daily in a systematic order and sharing what you learn with the members of the family >This will be done under the #65me hash tag. Sharing reinforces learning and encourages us.
  4.   Program: click Here to find the easy to use program
  5. What do I gain?  The bible is the living word of God. We’ll not only learn the nature of God, but fellowship with Him as we meditate.
  6.   How to join:  A) Tweet to @ikeamadi, ‘Now part of the @65mefamily Or B)  join our facebook (link) OR whatsapp (number) family. As easy as that!
  7.  But I’m late, you have gone far!:  No problem. Better late than never as the adage goes. Just continue with us from the reading of the day. You can always follow up on what you missed from the family’s blog
  8.  Oh, I have a very busy schedule:  Just a minute; this should be no excuse. You only need to spare at least 15 minutes out of the 1440 freely given to you. How long is the break from your busy schedule? How long do you spend on the social sites? How long do you spend watching a movie, reading other book? Spare some time for God, the rewards are greater.
  9.  Who will you take to heaven? Invite one person to read and meditate with us. Encourage one person to read the word more.

God bless you!

@ikeamadi for the #65me family

65 Days of reading through the  New Testament and MEDTITATING, hence the #65me.


Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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