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Provoking Exceeding Grace . Quotes. #Shiloh2013

Topic: Provoking Exceeding Grace through Divine Wisdom. Ministering Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr

Grace is non-negotiable factor in the race of life.Grace is loved provoked factor in Christ
Pastor David Oyedepo

Every record written in the scripture can be broken.They are written as a sample for us that if we do what they did we can get what they got.

Grace can translate a nonentity to celebrity over night as it happened with Joseph.

A man of divine wisdom is a rare gift to every generation.

By the wisdom of God you would contact in this shiloh 2013, you would become a poison to the enemies.

You have the mind of Christ. The wisdom level of Christ operates in you by redemption.

Men of wisdom are men of prayers. Particularly praying in the Holy Ghost.

The greatest expression of arrogance is prayerlessness. it infers that you have all the answers.

Whatever can steal your prayer life can steal anything from you.The devil is not after your material things but your spiritual virtues.

When you stop praying, you stop relating with the celestial. Prayer keeps your relationship fire with God burning.

Everything God told you is a possibility.You need the grace of prayer to process the manifestation.
No more delayed promises for you.

Waiting for someone to pray for you is wasting your destiny without knowing. Develop a walk with God in personal prayers-

When stewardship becomes a life style, grace flow ceaselessly.-Bishop David Oyedepo.

Grace is not waiting for things to happen. It is positioning yourself to be partaker of the happening. enough of watching

We have left the days of experience, we are now in the days of ‘graceperience’.- Pastor Isaac Oyedepo

When revelation come, elevation come. The church is in the era of great revelation when God’s way will be known as the best way.

Result is the answer to insults. To be leader, create unusual impact and you would be announced to the world.

Observe more and talk less. Don’t allow people conclude that you are stupid when you ask stupid questions.

Vision is a picture of the end.Keep the end near.When you know where you are going, you would not accept anything.-Pst Isaac Oyedepo

Grace is not waiting for things to happen. It is positioning yourself to be partaker of the happening. enough of watching.

…..and many more.

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Ike Amadi

Ike Amadi

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