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#Shiloh2014 : Heralding The Era Of #HeavenOnEarth: Get Illuminated

#Shiloh2014 : Heralding the Era of #HeavenOnEarth: Get Illuminated

By David Olaniyi Oyedepo

Light is the only way to dominate the realm of darkness.
When you are illuminated by revelation, you are empowered to dominate.
We operate in the heavenlies by the power of light
You need a crave to advance from revelation to illumination.
Only the illuminated can command dominion
Revelation-the unveiling of kingdom principles
Illumination-being lighted.

Unfathomable splendor is one of the features of heaven.
Heaven is the epitome of financial fortune. Rev 21:14-18
Possess an exemption mentality because you are who you think.
The era of heaven on earth is the era of financial fortune for the body of Christ.

Financial fortune is activated on the platform of covenant practice.
God will never need me for anything but I’ll need Him for everything.
Light connotes direction and life.
The anchor of this covenant is giving. Giving as a lifestyle
You are not just a possessor, you are a delighted distributor.

A covenant is a spiritual platform by which we commit God by the obedience of our faith to make good His promise.
Be a delightful tither.
He that gives the poor shall never lack.
Giving isn’t about giving to church, it’s far beyond that.

Three platforms that entitle you to financial fortune
1. You are a seed of Abraham
2. Redemption platform
Thinking good works (not just what to accumulate but how to be a blessing)
3. As an end time saint.
Shiloh 2014 ‪#‎heavenonearth‬

Written by Ajiri Kadae Phimia

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