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The High Favor of Mary by @DrPaulEnenche #MAY2015DRC

A message delivered by Dr Paul Enenche at the MAY Destiny Recovery Convention.

1. The favor of God came to release the greatness that was in the life of Mary.

What is not revealed to you cannot be possessed by you.
You can’t have a favored spiritual father and die of disfavor, except you chose not to follow his footsteps.

2. It was the privilege of being located in obscurity and brought into lime light.

3. The privilege of allocation of the highest level of value respect and dignity ever given to any human being dead or alive.
Luke 1.26-37

Favor is the cure of inferiority and low self worth.

Favor allocates and enhances value.

4. The privilege of giving birth to a generational solution.

It is favor that makes people to be a help to others.

I receive the anointing that makes me a blessing to my generation.

Don’t allow things to happen to you, happen to things.

Happen to your generation.

5. The privilege of seeing the result that no one on earth had ever experienced.
The privilege of stepping into a realm of possibility never before seen.

Never be afraid to dare new things.

Allergy to novelty is the reason for obscurity.

Where a man is allergic to innovation, he remains obscure.

Dare new things. People may fight you, but dare new things anyway.

Comfession: I receive the grace to dare the seemingly impossible. The favor of God will ship me there.

Confession: I am ready to go where you lead me.

What is that thing that nobody has tried that you have to try?

What is God asking you to do that noone has done.

6. High favor is the privilege of partnering with the Most High who cannot fail.

Don’t just just be a businessman, be a partner with the Most High.

You never lose doing business with God.

Prayer: Father partner with me in conquering the wealth of nations.

When you become hardened to human opinion you are ready for favor.

Secrets of Mary’s favor:

1. 1.Her agreement to be overshadowd by God. ~ @DrPaulEnenche #MAY2015DRC

2. The willingness to surrender personal agenda. ~ @DrPaulEnenche #MAY2015DRC

Prayer points:
1. Father, locate me by your favor like you located Mary from remote and obscure Nazareth.
2. Let the greatness of my natural family and the greatness in my spiritual family tree come upon me by your favor in Jesus name.
3. Father, by your favor I receive NY allocation of honour. Every trace of mockery and reproach is dead in Jesus name.
4. Father, by your favor release on me the kind of anointing that gives birth to solutions in my generation.
5. Father, what you have never done with anybody in my family before, do it with me Lord.

Declaration: the same order of favor that allocated Mary the kind of honor that no one has seen, I decree that favor is now yours!!!

Did you shout an amen?

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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