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THRIVE: 5 Simple Steps

I listened to Arianna Huffington do a TED talk on, Sleep as a means of extra productivity, and I was hooked on her. Decided to google more of her videos and found that it was actually based on her book, THRIVE….

Please enjoy these 5 steps to a happier life. I definitely need to work on getting more sleep.

Success is not only meant to be measured by two metrics: money and power, we should add a third metric, THRIVE which is made up of of well-being,
wisdom, wonder, and giving
The way to become more productive, more inspired, and more joyful is to get enough sleep.

Step 1: Charge your devices (smart phones, everything) outside your bedroom. Because if you wake up in the middle of the night, you become tempted to look at your smart phone. When you return, you might say:
a) I need my smart phone to wake me up, then use an alarm clock.
b) I need my phone in case of an emergency, then use a small phone without data.

Step 2: Bring joy back into your daily life by:
a) making personal connection with people that you might want to take for granted, like the cleaning crew or the chef. That changes the
experience at work.
b) tapping into your creative abilities. We shouldn’t trash our creative abilities simply because we aren’t making a living with them. Practice them: Join a choir, cook meals for people in homeless shelters. Tap into the creativity present in you, and that can be your gift to the world.  We are wired to give. Giving is a short-cut to happiness.

Step 3: Don’t demonize people that you disagree with.

Step 4: Be spiritual. Have a spiritual entry into your day. Don’t just kick off the day. Commit your day to God. Have the sense that there is something mysterious about life, and the journey of exploring it is amazing.

Step 5: Prioritize sleep, that way you will not get tired easily.

Go find her book, Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder.

Whatever your circumstance, there is a center of strength, wisdom, joy, and peace. We may not live there, and as such we have to get back there.
Even those in concentration camps are someone able to tap into it, and are able to choose their own attitude and way of responding.

What makes you you are your talents and gifts, and unique personality. Don’t work stupid, work hard and regenerate yourself. Sports is
implementing the THRIVE principle, on meditation, and regenerating, etc, ahead of business. We need to disentangle the fact that every successful
person has had to work 24/7. Do some experimenting, and process the results. Use the pauses as opportunities to generate. Be intense as what you
do, but take pauses.

Again, change your email protocol: Don’t check emails real-time. Have a fixed time for checking and replying emails.

Yes, you can take pauses and still be very successful.


Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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