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Wanna Marry? Get A Pet First.

Do you have a dog?
Has your dog ever tried to play with you by placing his fore legs on your body, thus staining your very fresh suit?

I do have a dog, and yes, the dog is very playful. Always wants to show love. Always wants to welcome me in an acrobatic fashion. Sometimes, I feel like smacking the dog. I’m like, ‘Wassup? Can’t you see I’m dressed?’

I recently engaged in a marriage conversation with a lady; she suggested that a person who desires to marry, must first get a pet – a dog, a chicken, a mouse, anything. She pointed out that unless you learn to love, and train that pet, marriage is not yet for you. You should learn patience by first owning pets. You should learn understanding by having a dog who excitedly jumps on your body because she wants to say, ‘I love you.’ Don’t matter if you just lost a contract bid, or got fired, your dog will be the first to be excited at your return. You must learn excitement, spontaneity. You must learn chaos from the chickens. You must learn to be responsible, especially if you’re a man. For their feeding, for their upkeep. If you don’t feed the chickens, how will they feed?

I agree with her. Before you marry, get a pet. Get a cat, feel the tender love of a cat. Let the cat teach you how to be quiet. Or get a dog. Let the dog teach you that you should always try to forgive your lover, whether or not he or she smacks you emotionally or otherwise. Be the first to show excitement.

Hmm. Smacks? I hope not.

Do you agree with the woman?

Ike Amadi.

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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