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What Next After I’ve Mapped My Vision?

Hello friend!

Day 8 of 2014. Awesome!

The other day, we looked at Mind Mapping. If you have not mapped your vision, please do. It appears to be a boring business, but when you begin to reap the fruits that clarity of vision brings, you’ll be amazed.

You cannot be an effective leader without knowing where you are going!

Speaking of clarity of vision, Sam Oye, The Emerging Leader outlined 5 benefits clarity of vision :1. Increases your success potential.
2. Eliminates confusion. Gives you a clear mental & spiritual picture of your future.
3. Increases your productivity level.
4. Strengthens your convictions.
5. Guides and governs you. Enables you identify your preferred destination and helps you plot the most efficient path way towards achieving it.

When you know where you are going, you know who fits into it.

Reason why we have high rate of break-ups is because the men lack clarity of vision.

And have you read the piece Mind Mapping?

‘Clarity of vision is a non-negotiable factor to being successful in life.’

Want to be successful? You must have clarity of vision!

Okay, we will speak about this next time.

Remember, vision is received in the place of prayer.

Have you read the piece, Mind Mapping , yet?

After mapping vision, you need to take the next step and observe what is called Mental Mapping.

What is Mental Mapping?

It is basically reconditioning your mind to do what you need to do, in order to get to where you need to go.

Considering the example of my mind map which you can find here, one of my goals is to promote my do something book more.

This conditions me to begin to seek or create opportunities that will enable me promote my book, ‘Do Something!’.

I know I have to:

– blog nearly everyday;
– tweet more often and give leads about my book;
– honor speaking engagements;
– honor invitations to events;
– stay creative and organize seminars linked around my book;
– be out there, and always have at least a copy of my book on me.

That is the next level of Mind Mapping.

Mind Mapping is brilliant because you start to think clearly about what yo want and how you need to get to that end point; if need be you change what you are doing presently.

Mind mapping helps you answer this question: What are the qualities needed to be that what you seek to be, or achieve what you need to achieve.

It is also very important to map your vision early in the year, so that when ‘opportunities’ open up, you know which one is related to your vision for the year.

Mind mapping also helps you decide how you apportion your time. Because you have a clear picture of the very goals you want to pursue and the tentative time and energy each will require.

You’ll achieve all you set out to do in 2014 in Jesus name!

Nothing will distract you!

As you settle down to map out your vision, God will illuminate your mind to begin to take the necessary steps to get to where you ought to be.

Lord, help us!


We need to move from having a vision for 2014 alone to having a vision for our life!

Yep! So that you begin to condition your thoughts, career choice, choice of life partner, because you have clearly mapped out the vision for your life.

You are blessed!

Ike Amadi.
Your Do Something! Friend.

Get my book, ‘Do Something!’ which will not only instill the dosomething consciousness in you, but will also empower you to do something, here!

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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