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Your Mouth Determines Your Destiny. #MiracleMouth

Hi dear,

For the next few days, we’ll be looking at the Power of The Mouth.

And today, we’ll look at the first part of this series.

If you want a glorious 2014, you must endeavor to visit this blog everyday at least for the next 2-3 days.

Pt. 1. Your Mouth Determines Your Destiny.

First the Blessings:

You are blessed in Jesus name.
Every plan you ever made in your life will come to fulfillment in Jesus name.
Your family is blessed!
Your business is blessed.
Everything you touch will turn to blessing in Jesus name.

The secret of God will never leave your life in Jesus name! And that secret will grant you perpetual victory in 2014 Jesus name!


Exodus 4:12, ‘Now therefore, go, and I will be with your mouth and teach you what you shall say.’

God called this great man of God – Moses. He felt the assignment before him was greater than his skill or his ability.

Moses was 80 years already and he felt, “If I was to begin to anything in life, it should have been done before”

Some say, life begins at 40. They say if at 40 you haven’t discovered what it is you’ll do, then you’ll never start life.

Life does not begin at 40. Life begins at Calvary.

Whatever your age, the moment you come to Calvary, life begins for you.

No matter where you have been, God is saying, ‘My plans for you will still come to pass.’

A new life is beginning for you in Jesus name!

God told Moses to go that he’ll be with his mouth.

This shows us that:

Your mouth determines your miracle.
Your mouth determines your ministry
Your mouth determines your Marriage
Your mouth determines your Destiny.It is not the greatness of your difficulty, or the size of the challenge you face,
It is not the MIGHT of Pharaoh, but the MOUTH of Moses.

The secret was the mouth of Moses.

The Lord will work a miracle in your mouth in Jesus name, and the miracle will carry through every area of your life in Jesus name.

In Joshua 6:20 – 24, the wall of Jericho fell down after a great shout.

Every wall of hindrance in your life, ministry, profession, career will fall down in Jesus name.

Joshua told them that, ‘The secret of upward progress life is in your mouth, so don’t say anything, walk around the problem, walk around the wall of Jericho.’
Don’t say your problem is too much, we know that already.

Don’t say anything. Walk around in silence.
On the 7th day, when the sound comes, that will be the time to shout, and your walls will come down in Jesus name.

Again, it was in their mouth.

There is healing for everyone.
There is deliverance for everyone.
But it is all in your mouth!

Jer 1:7&9

The Lord touched Jeremiah’s mouth.
The assignment before him was enormous, yes.

Note that:
It is not your education or your lack of education, it is not your strength or lack of it. Victory is in your mouth.

Change your IF to When.
Stop speaking subjectively in 2014, and begin speaking objectively.

Anywhere you go, if it is negative, your mouth will change that thing.

Anywhere you go, you’ll keep quiet first, evaluate the situation so that when you open your mouth, you’ll bring transformation to that place.

The Miracle is in your Mouth.

John 6:45: “It is written in the prophets, they shall all be taught of God.”

You’re making up your mind from today that, “Only what the Lord has taught me will I say, and miracles will be in your life everyday.”

Join us tomorrow as we look at how we can Train our mouth for daily miracle experience in 2014.


I’m blessed.

Aren’t you?

Ike Amadi

P.s This post is a part version of Pastor Kumuyi’s sermon, Training Your Mouth for Daily Miracle Experience. After listening, I felt the world needed to know this secret, hence transcribed it.

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