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power-of-forgiveness_tAs a sequel to my previous post, I’d like to describe another important ingredient that you should possess for you to really continue to experience open doors. I’m referring to forgiveness.

Many things on earth follow the principle of sowing and reaping, and forgiveness(mercy) is not an exception. If you want to continually enjoy God’s mercy, sow mercy into the lives of those who offend or owe you.

In Matthew 18:21-35, we read of the unforgiving servant. This dude owed much…so MUCH, yet he couldn’t do likewise to his fellow-servant. We learn that the reason a heavily-indebted servant whose debt was forgiven had to be locked up until he paid up, was because he could not forgive his fellow servant as he was forgiven. As a result, the forgiveness he had received was neutralized by his unforgiving stance and he ended up a debtor.

This might look a bit bizarre, but doesn’t it portray how we sometimes act? We owed so much but God forgave us by offering His Son in our place yet we still struggle to let go of those who offend us. We asked(and are still asking) for forgiveness and God granted our request yet we refuse to forgive that brother that misunderstood our views or that sister that still hasn’t been able to pay back our loans after such a long time.

Forgiveness also has it’s healing nature. Forgiveness is medicine. It is God’s way of healing your wounded soul. He wants you to release your sadness in order to receive his gladness. This is a new day. A new day must not be poisoned with old venom. Open your heart to God’s grace. Release the bitterness. As god forgives you, forgive others. Live in peace. The pain will soon pass. May the Lord flood your soul with joy and serenity.

A way to determine how much love or hatred you have within you is by noting the kind of prayers you pray for others. Do you even put others in your prayers at all? How often do you intercede for others?

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  • How often do I pray for others. Fine question.

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