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7 Fresh Things To Know About #la187

Testimony from @le_maxx :

“Brother, @ikeamadi let me tell you something you don’t know: I was following my own plan with some difficulty. #la187 came & brought focus!
#la187 rejuvenated the entire plan & now I am sure I will finish well. Isn’t that something! @ikeamadi God bless this fam greatly!”

1. Literal Meaning:  LA187: L- Learning, A- Applying, 187- 187 days of Studying the Old Testament.

2. Purpose: To encourage one more person to study the Word of God…more!

3. Procedure: Study 1 chapter of Psalms + 4 chapters of regular OT books, systematically, everyday. ( see program below)

4. Process: Because we are in this to learn, we tweet what we learn via the hash tag, #la187 or by posting on our facebook profile: Sharing what  we learn reinforces learning and encourages us!

5. Program: – please Check here for the easy-to-learn program schedule.

6. How to join: Just tweet at me (@ikeamadi) saying, “Now part of the #la187 family.” or write on our facebook profile page, “Now part of the #la187 family” Nice and easy!

7. But you have gone far! No problem, just continue with us from today’s reading which you’ll find in the program or on @la187Family‘s Twitter bio. Remember, it is not about finishing, but about learning and applying!

God bless you and grant you inspiration as we study the OT in 187 days.

The question is, “Why won’t you join us?”

@_ekaks and @ikeamadi

For the @la187family.